It’s a Trap!

In what I am sure is a move meant to provoke the United States into taking action against it, and thereby really sending the Middle East into chaos, Iran has admitted to supplying weapons to “liberation armies” in the region. Of course, it did not say which armies these were, or what kind of weaponry, but those items are unimportant, really. What is important, and scary, is that they came out and admitted this, and the only plausible explanation is that they hope to goad the US into taking aggressive action against them, in order to keep them from continuing to supply these “liberation armies.”

Why would Iran want to antagonize the US? Well, the answer seems clear and simple to me: they want a war with the US. Of course, they are not in a military position to statr that war, but then again the US is in no position to wage war against Iran, or any other coountry; the two we are fighting at the moment are already draining our coffers and our reserves of military perssonel beyond repair. Still, it would benefit Iran if we attacked them because then they could increase their rhetoric that we are an evil Western country that must be destroyed, and they could bring their allies in the region into it.

Also, with our strained relations with Russia (and Russia’s seemingly decent relationship with Iran) they could find an ally in our old enemy. Our recent excursion into Syrian territory could also hand Iran an ally from that country, and who knows who else would want to get in on the game. I call it a game, not to make light of it, but to demonstrate the absurdity of it all. Iran knows the US is unhappy with it. They know that we are considering bombing campaigns and possible attacks into Iran, and now they are attempting to goad us into taking action against them. It’s really a clever ploy because if they can get us to attack them without any real provacation, their case against us is that much stronger, and it is not like America is swimming in the sea of allies that we were when we started the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I would hope that the US military and government will recognize this tactic for what it is, and resist the urge to strike against Iran. I know I am asking for cooler heads to prevail, and that seems like a futile request with our current administration, both in the Congress and in the White House, but it is one worth making. We cannot afford another war, neither in terms of money nor manpower, and that is exactly what Iran is trying to get us into. They know that they cannot defeat us in a straight up conflict (well now maybe they could because our resources are worn so thin) and they are doing what they can to draw us into a fight that better suits them.

Of course, if we do go to war with Iran, they will have their allies and we will have ours. Isreal is looking for an excuse to take action against Iran, and an Iran/US conflict would be a pretty damn good one. Then the Palestinians would get involved, as well as the Pakistanis and the Lebanese and Hezbolla, and suddenly we have world war 3 on our hands. And that is a war that the world probably would not come back from. At least, not the world as we know it right now.

I do not mean to be Chicken Little here and declare that the sky is falling when it is not. We have a little ways to go before everything goes to hell, but we have to be smart. We have to recognize that the only reason Iran would declare that they are proliferating weapons to groups in the Middle East is because they want us to respond, hopefully with force. We have to be smarter than we have been, and find some other way to deal with their admission and their actions. Violence will not work this time. In fact, it will only lead to more violence, and the death of the world that we know and love today.


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