Why I’m Scared

Of a McCain Presidency.

1: Sarah Palin. Chances are McCain (if he gets elected) will not make it through his first term. He is simply too old, and there are too many health issues concerning him. This would leave us with a PILF who is as inexperienced (if not more so) than Barack Obama, who has demonstrated a real lack of being able to handle the issues. Catchphrases are all well and good while on the campaign trail, but when it comes time to lead you have to demonstrate that you know how to do just that. The only thin Palin has demonstrated to me that she can lead, is a rally full of hate, lies and misinformation.

2: McCain seems to be war hungry. He wants to continue the mission in Iraq until victory is achieved. The problem with this: he has yet to define what he means by victory. Does he mean a military one? If that is the case then we really could be there for a hundred years, whether or not the Iraqis want us there. Does he mean some other kind of victory, like a diplomatic one? That would be nice, but thus far McCain (to me at least) has made it clear that diplomacy has no place in his role as a President. That in and of itself is scary.

3: His record with the economy. Now I don’t live in the US right now, but I will most likely return someday, and  I would like an econmoy that I can trust to come back to. In the 80’s and now in the 00’s McCain has been an advocate for deregulation of financial institutions, and both times the result has been large business failing and needing government help. McCain will continue this practice (he’s said as much himself), which means that the economy will continue to degrade because he believes that businesses will self regulate and the market will take care of itself. Sadly, it should be clear that this is simply not the case. We need market regulations for the same reason we need prison guards; we cannot trust people to honestly regulate themselves. If we trusted prisoners to be on their best behavior and stay in prison, even as we left the doors unlocked and open, could we honestly expect them to stay inside because that is what they are supposed to do? No, just as we can no longer expect any kind of self-regulation from the financial institutions that have failed to uphold their promise of self-regulation.

There are probably other reasons why a McCain presidency scares me, but these are the big three. I do not mean to imply in this post that I think Obama will be the next best thing since sliced bread. He is inexperienced, has made some promises that he will be hard pressed to keep, and will face a whole lot of challenges unlike any other president in the history of this nation. Still, I hope that he will be able to meet those challenges while fixing the problem of the economy and not getting us involved in any more conflicts. I do not know if he will be able to do these things, but I do know that I am much less scared of the idea of Obama as President than I am of McCain as president.

Of course, if he does get elected, there will be attempts on his life, and if there is another terrorist attack on American soil in the early days of his Presidency (or at all during his Presidency) he will have to deal with the irrational blame for it. I say irrational because the country, as a whole, did not blame Bush for 9/11 even though it happened on his watch. It will be different with Obama, though, because he is seen as inexperienced, and unable to take the needed steps to keep us safe.And what if McCain was president and it happened on his watch? Well, then it would probably be blamed on the determination of the terrorists, and those liberals in Congress who were playing politics and limiting the President’s power, rather than placing America and her security first.

Sound cynical? Maybe, but I bet it’s true. Let’t hope we don’t ever have to find out.


2 comments on “Why I’m Scared

  1. pdub says:

    are you still able to vote in this election?

  2. Yeah, I can still vote. It’s called absentee, and it even works overseas.

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