This is What I Was Talking About

When I made the claim that there were going to be attempts on Obama’s life if he gets elected,

THIS is exactly what I was talking about. What do you think of that, all you who said I was just being a cyincal bastard? Can it be considered cynicism if its true? And just think, he’s not even President yet.

Normally I dig being right, it’s one of my favorite things. But in this case I am not so much happy as I am ashamed. I am ashamed of my country for festering and fostering this kind of hate-filled thinking and action. I am ashamed of my country for still allowing automatic and semi-automatic weapons to be readily available on the street or at a gun store near you.

I believe in the Constitution, even the 2nd Amendment. I do not think guns should be outlawed entirely (after all, you never know when England is going to try and reclaim us) but I do think there should be stricter controls on them. Maybe have them housed in various locations throughout cities, so you have to go and check out your gun. Sure, it’s limiting, and expands the role of government (which a lot of people, myself included) are opposed to. Guns are dangerous, though, and just think of the tragedies that could have been avoided (Colombine, Virginia Tech, the snipers in Washington D.C.) if we had tighter gun control.

Of course, violence will happen with or without guns, and people will get guns no matter how well regulated they are. Still, that is no reason to make them so readily available. Sure, gains have been made, but there is still a long ways to go, and in the meantime guns and gun related violence continue to spread.

Now, I am glad that authorities were able to stop these douchebags. That at least gives me some hope that the government is doing its job and will be able to protect the President (whoever it is), but it is still scary as hell. These skinheads are young, 18 and 20, and probably with minimal training. Now just think if there was a group of folks, like Timothy McVeigh and co, who have actual training who decide to do something like this. They would be much harder to stop. That is a scary thought.

But back to the skinheads. Beheadings, really? I cannot believe that they were going to go on a killing spree, murdering and beheading people. Isn’t that what the folks we are fighting overseas do? I mean, I know we’re all people, but I bet these guys are the same type of people who supported the war (even though they were barely teenagers when it started), and now they want to do something similar.

I bet Sarah Palin and John McCain would be hesitant to label these guys, but I’ll come right out and say it. They are terrorists. They planned an assassination, and a killing spree targeting civilians. It doesn’t get much more terrorist than that. Still, I think they should be treated to the fair trial of Justice promised to them by the Constitution, and then imprisoned for the rest of their lives, or at least until they realize that murdering and causing chaos is not a proper activity in any society that claims itself to be civilized. And while we may not always act like it, the US, for the most part, is a civilized nation. It’s time we as a whole rememebr that and start acting like it.

EDIT And this item is nowhere to be found on YahooNews Frontpage. I guess the  Jennifer Hudson story is more important than a plot by homegrown terrorists to kill a whole bunch of people, including the frontrunner in the Presidential election.


2 comments on “This is What I Was Talking About

  1. JollyRoger says:

    Sarahpoleon knows how to stir her own kind up, for sure. She is one of them; when she speaks about Obama being “not like us,” it’s from the heart. You know how those Jesusistani fringe wack jobs feel about “those people.”

  2. Michael Price says:

    So the fact that so idiots claimed to be planning to kill Obama and 100 black people means we should restrict guns. Gee imagine how keen on restrictions you’d be if they ACTUALLY HURT ANYBODY! It’s true there have been massacres with guns, but always in places or of people who were under gun ownership restrictions. If the massacre they describe had occurred this would have been another example of such, for surely they would not attack blacks where blacks were freely allowed weapons. In fact gun control was invented to allow the killing of politically active blacks. If you want to stop terrorism arm people against them.

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