Sovereign State? No, They All Belong to US!

Attacks into Syria: violation of a sovereign nation’s borders.

Drone missile attacks into Pakistan: more violation of borders.

Both Syria and Pakistan have condemned these types of attacks, and have asked the US to stop. In fact, both have said they consider these attacks to be a violation of their sovereignty, and could be considered acts of war.

The US has committed these operations because we don’t believe Syria and Pakistan have not done enough to stem the flow/operation of terrorist activities within those borders. Yeah, we hate terrorists, but we can’t fight the world–no matter how hard we try. It is time that we start respecting sovereign nation’s borders and rights, and maybe *gasp* start working with them instead of against them. If we continue this poklicy of striking across borders without permission, then we are sure to make things worse.

Terrorist and anti-US sympathizers will become emboldened, they will garner support (moreso than they already have) from the countries in which they operate, and then the US will really be facing problems with these nations as they bite their thumbs at us because of our lack of respect for their sovereignty and borders.

If we do not change our policies, World War Three is coming. It’s only a matter of time.


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