It’s Sarah’s Fault

At least that is what some in the McCain camp want his supporters to believe. Things are looking grim for Johnny, even though he somehow managed to gain a few more electoral votes in the polls, and as we all know when things start to go bad there has to be someone to blame. I mean, whoever heard of taking responisbility for our actions? Apparently that word does not exist in McCain’s vocabulary (or at least his aides and advisors) because now, faced with low poll numbers and a slew of high profile Republicans jumping ship to Obama, the McCain camp is placing the blame for their faliures squarely on Sarah Palin.

I can’t say that I blame them, I mean that wink is just aggrevating, really. It makes me want to smack her, and I am not a violent person generally. But there is just something about that wink and that smirk that gets under my skin and feeds my rage. Maybe it’s because it reminds me so much of GW’s smirks and laughs, and he is definitely someone I would punch, slap, kick in the gonads, if given the chance.

But to place the blame on Palin for the McCain camp’s failures is ridiculous. Sure, she sucks, there is no doubt about that. She is racist and ignorant, has some skeletons in her closet concerning her “Maverick reformer one of you” image. She has demonstrated on countless occasions that she is not ready to be Vice President, let alone President. But you know what? She did not pick herself to be VPILF candidate. No, that was John McCain and his campaign.

This angry man chose her to be his running mate (did you ever notice how similar their faces look when they’re all scrunched up and squinty like–I wonder if that’s why he picked her in the first place, or at least one of the reasons.) and now he is angry that his campaign is failing and in immediate dange of becoming not only an eternal joke, but the single thing that brought the Republican Party to its knees. McCain and company need to admit that it is their fault for Palin’s prescence on the campaign trail. Sure, they’re mad because she is no longer doing what they tell her, but hey, she’s a maverick–what did they expect?

Of course, I know it is unreasonable of me to expect McCain or anyone in his camp to accept anything resembling responsibility for anything. After all, he was a proponent of deregulation, and when that failed, did he say “Hey I was wrong, maybe deregulation isn’t the way to go, maybe I should come up with another plan?” No, instead he called for less regualtion, and condemned the bailout–which he voted for!

This man is bonkers. I truly think that he is senile and has lost it. Sure he puts on a decent face, and is somehow able to fake it well enough to rally people behind his cause, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is losing his mind, and if he gets elected he will take all of America with him. He seems to have forgotten that he chose Palin to be on his ticket, and that she has his full support. I guess that only applies when it is convenient.

And what if (god forbid) he wins? What then? How will he heal the rift sure to be created between them because of this? I mean, these people are supposed to work together, right? How can you work with someone you can’t trust? One minute he touts her as the best thing to happen to America, and then when things start to go downhill, he blames her. How is this trustworthy, or even appropriate behavior?

If we needed any more reasons not to vote McCain/Palin, this is a good one. We do not necessarily want a President and a VP who will agree on everything, but we do want a pair where trust and respect exist. With his condemnation of Palin, though she is still on his ticket, McCain has shown us all that he does not know the meanings of the words respect, trust, or responsibility. Is that really someone we want to lead us in this world that is slowly (but increasingly gaining speed) heading toward a global depression and world war 3?


One comment on “It’s Sarah’s Fault

  1. marcys says:

    Hey, but they don’t actually LOOK alike–she IS much prettier. Otherwise, you’re right on!

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