Russians in Libya

So in response to the US’s plans in Europe, and lack of embracing Colonel Mummar Gadafi, the country has entered talks with Russia which would allow the Russians to build a naval base there. They are also considering buying 2 billion dollars worth of Russian weapons in a deal that they hope will once again put the two countries on good terms.

So we have a US missile shield in Europe, a war in the middle east that is going badly for both sides (people are dying every day and no real gains are being made for Iraq, the insurgents, or the US and its allies), another war in Afghanistan which is going even worse, and now we have a potential Russian naval base at the north of Africa, positioned near Iraq and just south of Europe.

The United States, despite their tolerance of Libya and Colonel Gaddafi will probably be none too pleased with this. They will accuse the Russians of expanding their military ambitions and of aggressive behavior, all the while ignoring the fact that they too have been constantly looking for ways to increase their military ambitions and have acted excessively aggressivley (that sound horrible, but I’m going to let it stand because it’s got a nice bit consonance going on) in the region over the past six or so years.

And then there is the US missile shield in Europe, which hasn’t gone away no matter how much people aren’t talking about it. So with US policy concerning Syria and Pakistan (launch attacks across their borders without their permission or cooperation) we are looking at a possible World War Three scenario, especially if we elect someone who has said that they will keep the US in Iraq until victory is achieved (whatever that means). And now Russia dealing with Libya, expanding its influence in Georgia (read sowing dissent among some separatist factions there, and fighting a war to bring them into Russia proper) we are looking at a possible Cold War revisited scenario.

Personally, I’ll take the Cold War sceanario because at least then we are mutually guaranteed of destruction, which means that nothing too bad will happen. The other scenario, the one where we are involved in a World War that starts in the Middle East and spreads everywhere is much scarier, and I am loathe to admit, much more likely (of course that could just be the cynic in me).

At any rate, the whole thing is scary, and I am forced to wonder what Libya is going to do with those weapons. Will they use them just to increase their national security (nations need weapons after all), or will they be used to arm “liberation armies” much like the Iranians are doing? Or, another possibility, will they start a campaign in Africa, a continent that is already torn by war and ripe for the picking? I think this last option is very unlikely, but unlikely things do happen. If they didn’t there is no way GW Bush would have been elected…TWICE!


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