Is This The Magic Bullet McCain Has Been Looking For?

The Presidential race is still really too close to call, as the polls change daily, and no one knows exactly how the electorate will vote on election day. There is the so called “Bradley Effect” which states that people will tell pollster that they will vote for a black president, but then will vote for the white guy once they are in the booth. And then there is the newer “Bandwagon Effect” which operates on the principle that people want to back a winner, so it is more likely that they will vote for the candidate they think will win, and that others are voting for. So in short, it’s all a mess and there really will be no way to tell who the next President of the United States will be until November 4th, and really that’s how it should be.

As stressful as the election season is, and as hard as it is sometimes to deal with the uncertainty of the future, elections should not be decided before the day of the actual election. Otherwise, why have elections at all? And now news has come out that might help John McCain’s fledgling campaign.

It was revealed to the Associate Press that Barack Obama’s aunt has been living illegally in the United States for the past four years. In 2002, she applied for asylum in the United States. Her request was denied and she was ordered to leave the US. She did not do this, and instead was somehow able to find residence in a public housing project. No one is quite sure how this is possible, but I am sure that we will find out soon enough.

Personally, I do not care that his aunt is residing illegally in the US. There are more important things in this election than her status as an illegal immigrant–cause that’s all she is–and sure, it’s illegal, but she is not the only immigrant residing in the US illegally. I can’t wait, though, for McCain and his supporters to jump on this and somehow twist it into an attack on Obama and his “liberal socialist tendencies.”

I can see it now: “He let his family members live illegally in the United States, can we really trust someone who does that?

Who else is he letting stay here illegally?

This man says he cares about America, but how can someone who allows his aunt to stay here illegally, and in public housing no less, truly love America.

See, he’s all ready taking your money and giving it to other people–people who shouldn’t even be here in the first place!”

There are many more arguments/shouts like this to come, I’m sure, and these aren’t the even the best ones. In fact, they are kind of weak because I’m a little tired and don’t have the heart to put myself in the place of the hot headed wingtards.

Will this new information, released suspiciously close to the election, help McCain? Maybe, but I don’t think so. I think that the people that it will help him with are those undecideds that were going to end up voting for McCain anyway, but I do not think that it is going to change any minds, or convinve any undecideds who are rational people. It just isn’t that important in and election where we are deciding our country’s financial future, the future of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our healthcare and social security systems, and a slew of other things.


One comment on “Is This The Magic Bullet McCain Has Been Looking For?

  1. John McCain says:

    Major US media are hiding their stories about the secret tapes of Michelle Obama. API and FOX News have copies now after many people were killed who helped transfer those secret tapes to decent Americans. These patriots risked their lives to bring the tapes to the American media. People were murdered, many injured only to prevent the tapes from being released to the public.

    I saw those tapes. Michelle Obama is seen on those tapes. She is seen with top terrorists, kissing them and even doing more, if you know what I mean.

    Believe it or not, she is also seen with Osama bin Laden!

    I was able to obtain a fraction of that tape and I am publishing it here for you, my fellow American voters. Look it up here.

    I demand that these tapes are released now by FOX News which always claimed to be my friends.

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