No Sleep

So I don’t forsee me getting any sleep tonight or tomorrow night. I am freaked out about this election, and all the batty shit that could still happen. I am not a praying man, but I think tonight that I shall say some prayers (tomorrow too), but not to some Christian or Islamic higher power, but rather to the forces of good.

See, I belong to no particular faith, but I do believe that there is good in this world, not necessarily in the form of a higher power, but just as a force. Like the light side in Star Wars, and so yeah, there has to be a dark side too, but I will not pray to that. I will pray to the light and the forces of good (I know I know, it all depends on a certain point of view) that the election happens without too much violence, that we as Americans (on the right, in the middle, and on the left) have the dignity to accept whatever the outcome is, and that there is no real trickery or deception.

Of course I want Obama to win, but more than that I want this to be a fair and peaceful election. It is more important to me that we as Americans cast our votes and behave with the quiet dignity and integrity that I know we are capable of, even if we don’t always show it. So please, vote, and be decent to each other. Our country has a lot of healing to do because of the past 8 years, and we need to start that process now, no matter who wins this election.

So I will pray for good and hope for the best.

And remember a vote for John McCain is a vote for Sarah Palin, which is essentially a vote for forced births and racism. Remember that when you go into the booth.


One comment on “No Sleep

  1. pdub says:

    A vote for Sarah Palin is a vote for stupidity. Sheer oozing mind-blowing stupidity. But, hell, she looks great in a bikini! She must be a good politician.

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