Sharks Still Doing It

This time they went to Colorado and beat the Avalanche (yes, I can’t stand the Avs–you’ll notice there are a lot of NHL teams that I really don’t like) a solid 5-3 to improve to 4-2 on the road. Devin Setguichi and Milan Michalek (he’s from the CZ!) each scored two goals, and Ryan Clowe got the fifth one. This is just great news because not only have the Sharks shown that thye can win at home where they are 6-0, but that they can win on the road, which is essential for any team in contention for the Stanley Cup.

I know, I know, it’s still early and there are like 71 games or something to go, but still, this is nice. If they can maintain this kind of momentum and skills then they are going to set all kinds of franchise records, and maybe bring the Cup to San Jose at long last. Right now it is easy to believe this, and they have been tested a bit, but there is a lot of season to go and many more tests in store.

Their next game is against the Minnesota Wild, in San Jose. Here’s to hoping that not only will there be another Sharks victory at home for an unbeaten streak of 7-0 and the Shark Tank, but also an Obama victory in the Presidential election. If I had to choose, though, I would take the Obama victory. The Sharks have 71 games left, Obama has one night. Get out there and vote for the man who can formuate a smart sentence, and truly seems to care about this country and has some good plans to help pull us out of the fire.


5 comments on “Sharks Still Doing It

  1. Adrienne says:

    Ok, so why can’t you stand the Avs? Just curious as I’m not especially attached to them, although I do have great fondness for Joe Sakic and I adore Ryan Smyth (although I wish he were still an Edmonton Oiler. That’s where he belongs…). So yeah, just curious 🙂

  2. No real reason but I’ll give it a try: Peter Forsberg. Just can’t stand him. And the fact that they killed the Sharks in the playoffs like two times in a row in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Also, they are from Colorado, so that goes against them as a matter of principle.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Ah ok. I understand the Peter Forsberg factor.

    I admit, I have a bias against any American team that ‘stole’ a Canadian team, so I will always hold it against the Avs that they were the Quebec Nordiques. Just like I don’t like the Coyotes as they were the (much loved) Winnipeg Jets.

    But my true hatred is reserved for the Philly Flyers (any team that has anything to do with Bobby Clarke is evil), the Anahiem Mighty Ducks (I hate Chris Pronger) and the Vancouver Canucks.

  4. Oh yeah, Pronger is right up there with the worst of them, Hockey in the desert? so the Coyotes are right our. Even without Pronger,though, I would hate the Ducks simply for the fact that they exist because of some stupid movie with Emilio Esteves. I mean I liked Young Guns, and Repo Man was all right, but come on! an NHL team created because of a Disney Movie! Shit I say! Shit!

  5. sfguy says:

    The Sharks have passed one test: Every team that has won the Stanley Cup in recent years finished October with a winning percentage of .750 or higher. The Sharks finished with .818. I’m not saying that means they’ve won, it just means they’re not eliminated! I have a lot of stats you might find interesting here . By the way, how does a Sharks fan end up in the Czech Republic? I have a friend from the Czech Republic, he hates Teemu Selanne because of the Fin thing….

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