We have been warned

A nuclear amred Pakistan has condemed the strikes by remote planes into its borders and has warned General David Petraeus, new supreme commander of both Iraq and Afghanistan US forces, not to continue the strikes. It is not clear what the consequences could be–at least Pakistan was reluctant to state them in any certain terms–but one thing is most likely true, Pakistan will stop what efforts it is making to shut down terrorists and insurgents (the targets of these attacks) operating within their borders.

It seems that Pakistan wants to work with the US to curtail the terrorist related activity going on in its country, but they don’t want their civilains to be targeted by missile strikes. Hey, I can understand that. I wouldn’t want US citizens to be the targets of foreign missile strikes, even if those strikes were meant to kill so called threats to national security–both to the US and to the attacking nation.

I hope Patraeus listens to Pakistan and finds a way to work with them so that both countries are satisfied that there is sufficient action being taken against these insurgent/terrorist groups. Of course, Pakistan has been faced with this problem for a long time and the results have not been positive, so who knows. But, the attempt to work with them to solve this problem is preferable to the alternative of war with a nuclear power. After all, we are already fighting two wars, and gearing up for war with Syrai (and Iran if you listen to Sarah Palin). We need to take a breath and stop our war mongering.


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