At a loss

I am at a loss for words and struggling through tears of joy at the moment. Obama won. It is simply amazing. This isn’t the end of all of America’s probelms, but it could be the beginning of change, and a return to the great country that we have the capacity to be. It is now up to us (those that voted for him and those that didn’t–you know Americans) to insure that this election really means something.

We are a flavor-of-the-week culture, and I am afraid that now this thing is over we will forget the promises of change, and how much faih we have in this man. The thing about faith is that it must be renewed and held strong.

It is upon Obama, to be sure, but it is also upon us to hold him, and everyone else in government accountable. This is a country for the people and by the people. It is time that we once again take up that mantle of responsibility, pull our heads out of our collective asses, and start getting involved again (and not just during election season). That is the only true way we will affect change.

And, I’m happy it’s finally over.

And I’m scared that he won’t be around long enough for us to enjoy his victory–I was half (okay more than half) expecting to read in the news this morning that he had been shot and killed. It’s still early, but the fact that he survived this long can only be a good sign.


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