Racism still exists

And I am not talking about racism that whites feel toward black, or that blacks feel towards whites (though those certainly do still exist) but rather the racism that exists against homosexuals. I know they are not a race so the term is somewhat inaccurate, but they are a large group of people that several states, including my home state of California, that have stood up and said no to gay marriage.

Why? that is my question. I have no idea, really, but the best I can come up with is that people are still too small minded to accept anything different. But unrulytravller, you say, we just elected our first black president. Well, that is true, but it is also true that Obama (and I voted for him–though not because he is black) is half white as well. He is bi-racial (I think that’s what they call it nowadays) so that is an easier pill to swallow for all the racists and small minded folks in my home country. If he happened to be all black, I think the election would have been closer than it was. Oh, he would have still won, I think, but I also think that fewer people would have voted for and supported him.

So again I ask why? What is so bad about gays having the same right to marriage as straights? And don’t give me that: “They have the right to common law marriage, or civil union”, or whatever nonsense language people use to deny homosexuals their rights as American citizens and segregate them from the rest of society.

And don’t give me the sanctity of marriage argument either. With divorce rate skyrocketing and celebrities getting married “just for fun,” it is clear to me that marriage long ago started losing whatever “sanctity” it may have once had. But what about the children? Ah here we go again with the children angle, and I mean why not. Threatening or saying there is a threat to “the children” is a surefire way to make people afraid, and really that is all this anti-gay marriage thing is about: fear.

People who oppose gay marriage are afraid. Of what? Hell if I know, but I’ll give it a try.

1. They are afraid that a marriage between two homosexuals (lesbians are included there too because we are all homo-sapiens; I have yet to encounter a gender specific scientific name for the human species) will work better and last longer than their own failed hetero-sexual marriage.

2. They are afraid that somehow gay values will be taught in school and take over the country, and by extension, the world because apparently there is some super secret, super dangerous “gay agenda” lurking just beneath the surface of society, and if we allow homos (a derogatory term to be sure, but here I mean it simply as an abbreviation, no offense intended to the homos that happen to read this–I would use gay, but I’ve already used that word a lot and it’s get repetitive) to get married that will be the final step necessary for them to take over the world.

3. The people against gay marriage are afraid that they will “go gay” along with the rest of the populace if homosexuals are allowed to be together in marriage, hmm…I wonder if that is what they think the gays’ secret agenda is.

4. They are afraid that children of gay parents will grow up to be gay. First of all, that simply isn’t true. Straight parents do not always raise straight children, so why would it work the other way? Second of all, so what? The planet is in a state of overpopulation and unsustainability, I say let them get married, adopt, and raise little gay babies. Maybe then we could get this rampaging birth rate under control.

5. They are religious fanatics that claim they are against homo-marriages because the Bible condemns it. I bet they still believe that women should be property, we should have slaves, and that rape and incest are just fine (what? they don’t believe that, but it’s in the Bible–just like the admonishment against homosexuals–what’s the difference?).

The real reason is simple. These people are bigots masquerading as people upholding morals and traditions. What is so moral about denying basic human rights? Gay couples, even those in civic unions, are still denied the right of “next-of-kin” meaning that, if it wanted to a hospital could keep a lesbian from seeing her partner in the hospital because “only family members are allowed,” it depends on the state and the particular hospital, but it shouldn’t matter. And, since Civil Unions are not recognized by the Federal government, gay couples in a civil union cannot file a joint tax return, or be eligible for their partner’s social security benefits (but a married couple can do both of these things).

It disappoints me, and angers me, that in 2008 America still has this issue with gay marriage. It would harm no one, I repeat, NO ONE! if homosexuals were allowed to marry. In fact, it would just help people, and allow some of them to increase the happiness in their lives. And, we, as tax payers, wouldn’t have to pay for all lawsuits and propositions that are always happening because of this issue. Make no mistake, we are going to have to keep dealing with it because it will not go away.

Much like the suffragettes who earned the right for women to vote, and the civil rights activists in the late 50’s and the 60’s who were immensely important in repealing Jim Crow laws and bringing more equality to non-whites gays are serious about this issue. They are not violent, and I do not mean to imply that they are ready for an all out blitzkrieg on America, but the fact remains that this is an important issue to them and their friends and supporters. They will not stop pressing for their rights as American citizens to be married legally, and have that marriage be defined as such.

And since the arguments against gay marriage are so ridiculous, small minded, and bigoted, we might as well allow gay marriages. I mean we just put a black man in the White House, something that many thought would never happen, why can’t we broaden our horizons just a little bit more because in ten years (maybe less) these marriages will be legal and we’ll all be having a good laugh over our new found gayness with our gay friends and our gay children.

I for one can’t wait.


6 comments on “Racism still exists

  1. Michael says:

    The Black Man, Prersident-Elect, Barack Obama said that he “would call on Congress to enact legislation that would repeal DOMA and ensure that over 1.100 federal legal rights and benefits currently provided on the basis of marital status are extended to same-sex couples in civil unions and other legally recognized unions”. I think that the other legally recognized unions are called Marriage and Domestic Partnerships. The Black Man did not get to the White House in one year, neither will we get down the aisle any faster, unless we go to where it is legal to date.

  2. Evan says:

    I know it’s my goal in life to convert every gay bashing idiot into a bone-smoking fairy.

    You left out my favorite hornets nest of straight marriage: my old church was one of the biggest opponents of allowing gay marriage. . .and they’re still a church that regularly continues to practice polygamy in secret, forcing underage girls to marry skeezy old men and basically enslave them to a life of baby factorying the next set of little girls that need handed off to more skeezy old men with not enough wives.

  3. pdub says:

    You make it sound so sordid, Evan.

  4. Fonzo says:

    The people have spoken!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, just like the people spoke before Proposition 8 when they said that (in California at least) same sex marriages were okay and legal. They only changed their minds this time because of fear: “If we let the gays get married legally, then our children will start to learn gay values, and those values will be taught in school.” So please remember that in a year or two or three the people will speak again because as I said, this issue is not going away, not matter how much small minded bigots want it to.

  6. EricInMiami says:

    Rock on my brother! Repression never wins out in the end. Eventually we will rise above the hate and conquer the fears with enlightenment that the human family just has many colors and the fact of the matter is, we won’t just curl up and die or disappear.

    check my blog and keep on rising!

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