Two Victories for the forces of good

Obama won the election. He will be President. That is freaking awesome. Add to this: the Sharks beat the Wild to improve to 7-0 at home and 11-2 overall; the best record in the NHL right now, and I am super happy. If I had any money (and if I didn’t have to still work later today) I would go out and get totally wasted in the joy if celebration.

Obama’s promise is there, and with it comes hope and trepidation. Hope that he can be the “uniter” Bush always wanted to be, and fear that he will be like all the others (McCain,Clinton, Reagan, Bush Jr and Sr) as well as fear that he will not survive long enough to really do anything. Already there are plots against Obama’s life, and a website devoted to impeaching him.

And of course, the promise of the Sharks is there. They had an excellent October, and are off to a good start in November. 70 games to go, sure, but if they keep getting production from folks like Ryan Clowe (he scored a goal against the Wild and got an assist too) Mike Grier (he got a goal and an assist–go Mikey go!) and Jamie McGinn (who is this guy? he’s got two goals and an assist in 4 games this season, not bad for a rookie) scored too. So they won a game on a night where none of their really big guns (Clowe is arguably becoming a big gun for them, but he’s no Cheechoo, Thornton, or Marleau) scored a goal. And Nabby showed up too, making 23 of 24 saves.

All in all it was a great night, and I wish that I could have watched it live, flipping back and forth between election coveraage and the Shark’s victory, though truth be told I probably would have spent more time watching hockey than politics.

Go Sharks, keep going strong until the cup is ours. If Obama’s election to presidency proved anything it is this: anything is possible, including a Black Man in the White House, and by that logic–The Stanley Cup in San Jose in 2009!

And they play the Blues next–no problem. I was actually at the last game these two teams played against each other at the Shark tank, and it was great to see the boys in Teal score four quick goals against the darker clad blues. Of course, that was all the scoring the Sharks did, but it was more than enough to trounce the Blues 4-1. I’m thinking tomorrow will be a repeat and the Sharks will improve to 8-0 at home. If not, it will be sad to lose the perfect home record to St. Louis of all teams, but everything must come to an end sometime so it won’t be all that bad.


One comment on “Two Victories for the forces of good

  1. Evan says:

    More than anything, I can’t believe Adrienne, a devout Redwings fan and Sharks hater, now that she’s reading this blog, isn’t here before me being snarky about this.

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