Bailout: the gift that keeps giving

So, the government decided to give a shitload of money to corporations that were badly mismanaged by their executives (President elect Obama–man I just love writing that President Elect Obama– voted for the bailout too, don’t think I forgot that) it now seems like taxpayers are going to have to pay another price of the bailout–legal fees for the attorneys that will defend said executives in the various judicial trials that they will face. That’s right, not only did we (because we the taxpayers are the ones who ultimately will pay for this bailout of greedy and shady companies) pay for these companies to continue operating, we now might have to pay for the cost of defending them and their practices.

This makes no sense to me. This is like giving the criminal who stole your jewels more jewels, and then paying his lawyer to defend him for the original act of theft. How is this even possible? Well, the coroporations that were bailed out all had clauses in their executives’ contracts that provided paid for legal protection. So, Fannie Mae and the rest all had teams of lawyers that would be provided to executives in need of them, and the companies would pay for those lawyers. Okay, that sounds fair–when the company is private.

But now that these corporations are owned by the government (or at least controlled by it) those teams of lawyers should not be available to the execs. In know this is America, and everyone has the right to an attorney. That’s fine, they can still have an attorney–it’s called the Public Defender. Sure, we would still have to pay for the Public Defender, but those guys work cheap because they are overworked and the last resort of people without money. Well Fannie Mae and co have no money, despite the money from the bailout because that money is not meant to pay for lawyers but to stabilze the market and get the credit freeze thawing.

Give them the Public Defender. That is what they deserve, and all they should get (unless of course they can afford their own attorney). It should not be up to the American tax-payer to foot the legal bills for these assholes and swindlers; it gives a whole new meaning to Double Jeopardy, only in this case it us (the taxpayers) who are getting screwed twice.

So write your congressperson, your Senator, your governor (even if it’s Palin) and express the outrage you feel at this prospect. Make sure they know that they will not remain in power if they allow the American public to be raped and raped repeatedly, all because some corporate douchebags were irresponsible and now need legal defense.

Enough is enough. On Tuesday we took a bold step in a new direction, and it is up to us to maintain that momentum, and that means not letting shit like this slide anymore.


One comment on “Bailout: the gift that keeps giving

  1. Eric says:

    I hear ya mean and totally agree. I think Obama will do some good and hopefully get the ball rolling in a way that gets people involved into local gov and their communities, but he’s not the god send we really need. well at least i doubt it. the financial system needs a serious overhaul and its one that the people at the top are goina hate but people at the bottom are goina love, we just got to out number them and force them into it.

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