Missile Strikes Continue

So despite Pakistan’s non-detailed “warning” the US continues to make missile strikes into that nuclear armed sovereign nation. I know that Obama is president elect, which means that BushCo’s policies are still in full effect, and that includes blowing the hell out of innocent people, some of which might be potential enemies on an almost daily basis (I hope this policy changes when Obama takes full control of the presidency, but I don’t really expect it to as he has said that he is in favor of increasing our troop strength in Afghanistan) .

The latest strike killed at least 8 people, and it is unknown if any of them were terrorists. What is known, though, is that at least 8 more people have been killed because of America’s unwillingness to listen to the desires of others.

When General Petraeus said that he would “take on board” the threat issued by the Pakistani government, apparently he meant that he would hear it, then piss all over it, and then continue to carry out the strikes. Now, I know, we’re fighting the war on terror, and it is possible that there are terrorists conducting strikes into Afghanistan from Pakistan, but these attacks seem to be counter productive. All they are doing is stirring anti-American sentiment, and losing us allies in the war against terrorists and insurgents.

It’s no wonder that the Pakistani people are pissed and withdrawing their support for US anti-terror efforts. I would too if my country was getting blasted by missiles daily, and my fellow citizens were dying 5, 8, 20 at a time. This policy is ridiculous, and needs to stop. We should be working with Pakistan. Let them control the drones and decide who to fire upon (as long as it isn’t us). That way it would be their decision–as it should be–where to strike within their own borders.

I’ve had enough of America the bully. I want America the sleeping giant, or at least the America using force only when necessary, and necessary force back. I am sick of this warmongering and murder. I don’t care if they are suspected terrorists. Prove that they are terrorists and then take them out. Civilian casualties are unavoidable in any war (at least in the country where the war is taking place) but that does not mean we should accept and increase collateral damage. That is murder, plain and simple. And this murder is condoned by our military, our governmental leaders, and by us, the voters because we have done dick all to make it stop.

I know we are all concerned with ourselves. How we will eat? How will we pay for our houses/cars/kids’ education? All of these are valid concerns, but we also have to have the ability to look beyond ourselves and at least reach out to our leaders and encourage–no DEMAND!–that they start making more reasonable decisions. After all, what good is a home if World War three starts? Make no mistake, if we continue this practice of indiscriminately attacking civilian settlements in foreign sovereign countries that we are not at war with, and this time, it will reach us on the homeland. No longer do we have the advantage of being untouchable in terms of homeland attacks. The world is a much smaller place nowadays. It’s time we started acting like we know that, and are fully aware of its implications.


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