Nabakov Injured

So the Shark’s MVP goalie was injured on the final play of the shoot-out in their victory over the Blues. Details are scarce at the moment, but it has something to do with his left knee. Who knows how long he will be out, or if he will be out at all.

As bad as this news is, and it is bad news considering Nabby is a damn fine tender, I am not too worried about it. Brian Boucher is a damn fine goalie too, and I do not doubt that he will be a suitable replacement until Nabby is well enough to play again.

And, truth be told, Nabakov’s numbers this season have not been all that great. Yes, he is 10-2, which is a great number to be sure (and probably the only one that really matters) but his save percentage is an atrocious .891, and he has not seen a whole lot of shots during the course of the season because the offense has been so dominant.

Maybe this rest will do Nabby some good. Allow him to refocus so that he can return and play the calibur of hockey he is capable of because a save percentage of less than 90 is probably not going to be good enough to get the Sharks the cup, no matter how good their offense is.

It’s only November, I know, and therefore still early, but that doesn’t change the fact that Nabakov thus far has had a mediocre season, despite his aweseom record. Don’t get me wrong, I still thik that he is a great goalie, I just know that he has the ability to be better than he has been playing.

I know Boucher will be a fine goalie until Evgeni is ready to return, and I hope for his sake, and the team’s, that he is not out too long. He is our starting goalie and a team MVP after all. He knows how mind the goal and is a valuable asset to the team.


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