I Promise

That as much as I want to, I will not devoting any more posts (after this one, but this one does not really count) to Sarah Palin, unless she does something horrifically stupid (which is almost a guarantee) like run for Senator of Alaska or some other big time item. I am not going to comment on the ongoing coverage of her and “ward-robe” gate, or about the criticism leveled at her by former McCain aides.

This woman is old news now, and I hope that she stays that way forever. Rest assured, though, that just because I will not be writing about her does not mean that I won’t be keeping an eye on her. I want her to fade into obscurity and stop making news and headlines. That will be nearly impossible now, though, so I feel it is my duty to keep and eye on those headlines and keep you, my loyal 5 readers aware of anything big happens.

She could be the next candidate for the Republican presidency, and if not that, it is possible that she will take some other high position in that party in preparation for achieving loftier ambitions than being the Governor of Alaska.

So, no more Palin until she does something that I consider deserving of not only my ire, but my precious time spent writing about her.


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