Plans for the Missile Shield

There is some question as to whether or not President Elect Barack Obama will continue with the missile shiedl set to be placed in Poland. Some reports state that he is still undecided while the Polish President has said that Obama told him that plans for the shield were a go.

I hope that the Polish President was just speaking in wishful terms because I do not think the shield should be set in place, or at least not in Poland. Russia has taken issue with the proposed defense system, claiming that it would allow the US a close launch facility, and with the way we have been behaving lately (Pakistan, Syria) I cannot say that I believe their fears are unfounded. No, I don’t believe that we would launch missiles into Russia, but then I didn’t believe that we would launch strikes into Syria or Pakistan either, and those things happened. Sure, the situation is somewhat different in that Russia has some heavy world clout, but Pakistan is a nuclear power so really all bets are off.

Furthermore, I think the missile shield is a bad idea to execute. Sure it looks good on paper, and we all want to be protected from some missile being launched by some rogue state such as Iran, but I really don’t think it will do any good. If Iran is able to develop the bomb, I do not think that their delivery system will be the traditional launch and watch it explode. I think, rather, that they would try to smuggle one somewhere and detonate on site. This would keep them safe from missile retallition, along with thwarting the shield. Plus, while it is unknown how much the thing will cost, the estimates have been in the multi-billion dollar range. That is a ton of money, especially in a time when the world faces a global economic crisis.

Even if we split the cost with all 26 NATO member nations, chances are that we would share most of the cost because despite the crisis we still have the most money. Already we are fighting and funding two wars, must provide for our returning veterans, and have to figure out some way to balance the budget, 700 million of which we just promised to greedy corproate bastards who have done nothing to pull the economy up out of the gutter where they brought it in the first place.

So please, go to Change.Gov and tell President Elect Obama and Vice President Elect Biden not to build the missile shield, and if they insist on going forward, work with the Russians using diplomacy (one of the biggest things on their running ticket) to find a spot that is agreeable to everyone because even if they will just saber rattle, we do not need to provoke the Russians. Sure, stand tough and all that, but don’t give them any more reason to go all agro and start up the Cold War or something like it again. If they are going to do something like that (and it is a big possibility) the trick is to give them no one to blame but themselves. This missile shield gives them someone else to blame, and it just happens to be US–their hated enemy for 50+ years.


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