Screw the Car Companies

That may sound callous and un-American because a lot of American workers are employed by the auto industry, but screw the auto industry. Where is this hate coming from? It has been suggested that the bailout be extended to the auto-insdustry because it is on the verge of collapes. Okay that sucks, and it would probably be a big hit to the economy. But why are they on the verge of collapse? Because they failed to notice the changing winds and went on producing oversized and overpriced SUVs trucks and luxury vehicles. Now, there is nothing wrong with those tupes of vehicles, except that they are expensive and use a shit-ton of gasoline. Still, almost everything is okay in moderation, so they could have still produced those while also producing smaller cars and hybrids.

But they didn’t. Instead they went on with life as normal, refusing to change their production habits and refusing to work with unions and employees to find solutions to a variety of problems. I know America was built (in part and in the 20th century at least) on the auto-industry, but enough is enough already. If the government is going to give money to them, when they knew they were in trouble, and have been for at least the past 30 years but did nothing to help themselves, I say the government better repeal my student loans and pay my mounting credit card debt. I mean seriously, I over-borrowed, much like these companies, and now not only am I stuck with my bills, but I’m stuck with theirs as well. It’s not only unfair, it’s un-American. Now, if the money doesn’t go to the auto-industry (which it will) then I shouldn’t get a bail-out either.

But last time I checked it was me, and people like me, who make this economy and nation run. Why shouldn’t we get a little relief, and I don’t mean in the form of tax breaks cause sure, those would be nice, but they won’t help me now, or ever really. I simply don’t make enough money for tax cuts to benefit me, unless of course they cut my taxes by 100%, then I might have an additional 80 dollars a month. This wouldn’t pay my student loan payment, but at least I wouldn’t have to pay taxes, which would mean that I wouldn’t have to pay for corporate greed both in terms of the high interest my credit cards companies are charging me, and the money the federal government just gave them.

So again, I am sorry if I appear un-American, but screw the car companies and anyone else trying to get in on this bailout. They should have asked for the money before, or they should have made an effort to save themselves (isn’t that the American way they are always talking about?). If anyone should get some economic help, it should be those of us who are making less than 250,000 dollars a year. Now that would really help the economy.


2 comments on “Screw the Car Companies

  1. Adrienne says:

    The only way I’m in favour of bailing out the car companies is if they are forced to use the bailout money to retool and build eco-friendly cars. No running on gasoline, no just ‘fuel efficient’, but honest to goodness green cars. But yeah, that’s not gonna happen…

  2. It would be nice though.

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