Thank You Marty Turco

You pride yourself on being a goaltender who can handle the puck.

In fact you like to think of yourself as the third defenseman.

Everyone in the league knows your skills as a puck handling goalie.

Announcers everywhere sing your praises to the extent that it seems like they are in love with you.

Rarely do you make a mistake in your own end, and for that your team appreciates you.

For your rare mistakes, I detest you, and for the amount of praise you get for your skills as well.

But thank you Marty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart because you messed up.

Instead of covering the puck, or sending it down the ice along the boards, you passed it to Marleau.

Marleau, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, took the pass graciously.

Then he scored on your ass, with twenty eight seconds left in the game.

Thus you helped keep the Sharks unbeaten at home this season.

So thank you Marty Turco, thank you very much.

I still don’t like you, but you have my gratitude as a Sharks fan and a Stars hater.

In other game news, Brian Boucher recorded his 6th straight win as a Sharks starter, but he did allow one goal in the 2-1 defeat of Dallas so he did not get three consecutive sut-outs. Still, he got the win and made 23 saves in an excellent effort as he sat in for Nabakov who is day-to-day with a lower body injury.


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