All things must end

So the Sharks have seen their 7 game winning streak come to an end in Phoenix of all places. The worst thing is, they lost a 2 goal lead to eventually lose 4-2. They drop to 13-3, but still have the most points in the league. This was bound to happen–streaks always come to an end. They did not play a bad game, but they did not seem to be working as hard as they could have. Plus, they weren’t getting the amount of shots that they normally get. It could be the back to back games, and travelling from home to going on the road, but those are things they will have to learn to overcome.

Still, they are proving that they are a great team this season, and as I said, all streaks must come to an end. It’s just a bummber that Boucher had to get his first loss because it was nice having a goalie that was undefeated. Oh well, now they have to get ready to play in Nashville on Tuesday, another tough game, but one I thnik they will be able to pull out.


3 comments on “All things must end

  1. sfguy says:

    I’m curious how the Sharks respond to the opposite, how will the play when trying to end a losing streak…

  2. Well, they came out firing against Nashville, so that was good, but they just couldn’t seem to get the needed ones in the net. Two games in a row is disappointing, but I won’t start getting worried until it’s three.

  3. culturepress says:

    Two losses in a row — definitely embarrassing for this killer team we’ve got this year. And to Nashville and Phoenix of all teams?


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