Sharks back at it

Okay, I know I’ve been away a while. I’ve been really busy with teaching and writing/grading tests. And I had some mishaps this past week that really kind of got to me and drained my will to do anything but crawl into bed and hide under the covers.

Hopefully that is behind me for now, and I will get back into the groove of writing on this blog because goodness knows I still have a lot to write about, I just haven’t really been able to make the time. So anyway….

After two losses in a row, to Nashville and Phoenix of all teams, the Sharks have won two straight. One was a route against the hated Calgary Flames in a 6-1 victory at home. When I saw that score I was very happyvfor a couple of reasons. One: because the Flames have always given us problems, post season or regular, and it was nice to see us dominate them like that. I know it was just one game, and in the regular season, but it was still nice to see, especially after the disappointing losses to two cities that should not even have hockey. I mean, at least it snows in California. Northern California, sure, but it still snows. Regularly. Two: They stopped their streak of bad play/bad luck and kept themselves from losing three in a row. It is always nice to see your team stop from plummeting into the depths of a 3+ losing streak.

The bad thing about the game against Calgary was that Mike Grier left the game with a lower body injury and has not yet returned to play. It is unknown how long he will be out, but I hope it isn’t for long. I like Greir a lot and I think that the team needs his leadership on the penalty kill, and on the ice in general.

The game last night against Chicago was a shooting galley, and the final score was 6-5. The loss by the Blackhawks was their first at home in regulation, so that is another nice thing about this victory. It is always nice to be the team that ends another team’s streak. I know that sounds spiteful and petty, but it is true. Just think of the last team’s streak your team ended, and tell me it didn’t feel good, not only for the win, but for the fact that your team “put another in its place.”

And more good news, Cheechoo is back after missing three games due to an injury. He out four shots on goal on Sunday, but unfortunately was unable to convert. Still, it is good to see him back.

Milan Michalek, Joe Thornton, Jeremy Roenick, Devon Setoguichi, and Dan Boyle all had goals for the Sharks, with Boyle scoring two on the power play.

Brian Boucher has been sporadic since taking over the net-minding duties for Nabokov, but he had been solidly sporadic in that he has been able to keep most of the important pucks out of the net and give his team a chance to win the game, which for the most part they have been doing as Booucher has only lost twice since taking over. Granted those two losses were back to back against teams that should not have given the Sharks so much trouble, but that’s how these things go sometimes.

The Sharks head to Nashville tonight in an attempt to redeem themselves against the Predators.


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