Is oh so sweet. So the Sharks have now won three in a row, and defeated Nashville in the process. This is nice because while Nashville is a tough team, they are also a team that the Sharks should be able to handle without any problem. Sadly, this was not the case a few games ago when the Predators handed the Zrloci their first home ice loss of the season.

So it is nice that San Jose went into Nashville and defeated them there. Sure, it wasn’t the first home ice loss for the Predators, they’re not THAT good, but it still feels nice to go into the other guys home and hand him a defeat. And what a resounding defeat it was: 4-1, with that lone Nashville goal coming about midway through the third period. So once again the Sharks dominated, and Boucher was something like nine minutes away from his thrid shut-out of the season. But, lack of shut-out aside, they still got the win, and that, as they say, is the most important thing.

Devon Setoguichi had a goal and an assist, Patrick Marleau scored a goal and got an assist, as did Thomas Plihal and Jody Shelly. Boucher made 32 out of 33 saves.

So the question of the Shark’s resilience seems to have been answered for the time being. They lost two in a row, one at home and a close one on the road, and then have come back with three straight in the W column. It is still early, but it is nice to see the team playing this way. It will be more important that they play like this–with perserverance, attitude, and determination–in April, May, and June, but this sets the stage for later on in the season. Sure, a lot of things can happen between now and then, but it is nice to know that los Tiburones have been able to meet and overcome adversity. It can only bode well for them as the season continues.


2 comments on “Redemption

  1. sfguy says:

    You said it exactly – ‘So the question of the Shark’s resilience seems to have been answered for the time being.’

    This season, it’s not just the wins and losses, but addressing those ‘character’ issues, and putting a hurt on the team that ruined your home winning streak is the kind of response you have to see from a team trying to make a statement. You might be interested in the comments I heard on XM radio the other day, they’re here .

  2. Very true, and while I dig what the Sharks are doing now, the playoffs are a long way away, so I will be taking it one game at a time to use a tried, true, and truly tired cliche. Still, it is nice to see them play this way, and I can hope that they will continue with their dominance and cut through all opponents like a hot knife through butter.

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