Return of the Pirates

So Somali pirates hijacked a Saudi Arabian supertanker, and now SA is all up in arms, equating piracy with terrorism and vowing to join the fight against these thugs of the sea. Good for them, really. I mean, sure, they could have chosen to take action before the pirates hurt their resources, but that would have been to easy and just. No, better to let others like NATO and Blackwater handle the situation. After all, if it doesn’t affect you, why get involved.

But see, that’s the thing, the Saudi foreign minister did say that these pirates are affecting everyone, and that like terrorists they must be stopped. India and South Korea are in on the effort too. But I want to talk about the irony and hypocrisy of the Saudi’s stance for a moment. This attack is the latest in at least 80 pirate attacks in the Red Sea this year. 80; that’s a pretty high number, and it seems to me that the Saudis could have chosen to intervene at any time they chose. Sure, it took one of their ships being captured to get them into it, but they had to have known full well that this was going to happen eventually. What makes them so special that they thought they would be immune to this kind of thing. It’s like when America was surprised about being the target of terrorists. Almost every other nation in the world had already experienced that, and yet we could not believe that it could happen to us. But it did.

I call the Saudi condemnation and equation of the pirates to terrorists ironic and hypocritical because, lest we forget, Osama Bin Laden is from Saudi Arabia, originally. And they are known sponsors of terrorism, and they have a horrific human rights record, especially where women are concerned. And yet they have the audacity to condemn others as terrorists. Just like the US can no longer say that it is fighting terrorists and keep themselves out of that classification. The US has become a militaristic/terrorist organization under the leadership of George Bush. We attack areas where terrorists might be, killing non combatant civilians in the process. We spread fear and death and war. If these are not terrorist acts, then I truly do not know what that term means anymore.

There is hope for us that we can turn away from these last 7 or so years of spreading death and misery in regions where we are fighting terrorists, and there is hope that we will look at ourselves in the mirror, see what we have become, and be instilled with a true desire to change. Obama’s platform was change, and he got a large amount of the vote so it is clear that the people of the US want change. The question, however, remains: are we ready to face ourselves and do what is needed to truly change our position in the world? Or will we, like an alcoholic who wants to quit drinking but instead of seeking help just settles for the answers found at the bottom of each glass that sends him/her further over the edge? America needs help, and we need to stand together to get that help and put us back on the sober and moral path. And when I say moral, I don’t mean it in any kind of religious sense, but rather the inclination and abilitiy to do what is right and best for the majority of people. To me that means stop crossing sovereign borders and blowing innocent civilians all to hell. But back to the pirates…

Now don’t get me wrong, I love pirates but I don’t think piracy on the open seas should be practiced anymore. See, it’s the idea of scallywags and planks and peg legs and eyepatches and booty that I like about pirates; it is not thier actual existence or application. I like the romantic notion of pirates as seen in such movies as Ice Pirates and the Goonies. I don’t like real, modren pirates, those guys are nothing more than thieves in boats. There is no class to modern day piracy, and very few sabres and puffy shirts, and in a sense Saudi Arabia is correct when it says that these pirates are terrorists, but that is not the point. My point in this long ramble (sorry I’m running on little sleep and I’ve just been waiting to have enough time to write something) is that before you accuse people of being terrorists, take a look at yourself and see that you too could be considered a terrorist, if you weren’t the US, or one of its allies.


6 comments on “Return of the Pirates

  1. dmarks says:

    “The US has become a militaristic/terrorist organization under the leadership of George Bush”

    It is as it was before: a rather anti-terrorist organization. The blame for the civilian deaths lies with the terrorists who use civilians as human shields.

  2. JollyRoger says:

    dmarks appears to have had a healthy glass full of the Kool-Aid; how approproate for November 18!

    If dmarks hadn’t been swilling the wingtard poison, he’d know that Chimpy’s war on Iraq means that we simply don’t have the resources necessary to stop or punish activities like these. I guess maybe going after ACTUAL threats isn’t such a bad idea after all…

  3. I have to disagree with blaming terrorists for the deaths of civilians caused by U.S. actions. Sure, the “bad guys” sometimes hide in populated areas, but that doesn’t mean that we have to fire missile strikes into those areas. Those civilians are what is conveniently termed “collateral damage,” but in truth they are much more than that. They are people trying to live their lives in a peaceable way. Ordinary folks just trying to get through the day, but because we (the U.S.) think that we are right and just and know the only way for the world to go they die. There are alternatives to just blowing up a bunch of people and letting god settle it.
    We could warn the civilians, or work with the Pakistani government in a cooperative effort to actually strike the targets we are going after. Of course if we did that, we could no longer kill people indiscriminately, and would–heaven forbid–have to start taking some responsibility for our actions as a nation.
    And did you miss the part about the Saudi Royal family being big sponsors of terrorists? And how the Bush family is good friends with the Bin Laden family? And yet we are a “rather anti-terrorist organization,” except of course for those terrorists and those who fund them who can make some of our more powerful elected officials and citizens money. So in a way, you are right, “it is as it was before” in the sense that we are still hypocrites who condemn one form of terrorism while accepting and practicing another kind. Oh, and what about water-boarding? Despite what the Supreme Court or Department of Justice say, that shit is torture, and last time I checked torture spreads terror, so there is another example of how the U.S simply can no longer claim any moral high ground because we torture, we imprison unfairly and unjustly and for indeterminate amounts of time, and we blow the crap out of villages in sovereign nations with which we are not at war, all under the blanket excuse of “we are fighting the war on terror and to make America safer and the world a better place.” And yet, we behave as terrorists so we should be fighting ourselves, we have, in fact, help make the world a more dangerous and despairing place, and as far as our safety is concerned, I really doubt that we have become any safer since the war on terror began than we were before it started.

  4. dmarks says:

    Jolly: Sorry, I am not as up on the blind partisan blog lingo as you are.

    Going after actual threats, such as Saddam Hussein (a major terrorist kingpin who had attacked us many times and promised to do it many times more) wasn’t a bad idea at all. After all, our likely future Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, voted to retaliate against the terrorists in Iraq. So did the Vice-President Elect. I guess they are both “wingnuts” too?

    @Trav: You make some good points. However, about “And how the Bush family is good friends with the Bin Laden family?”, you miss the fact that the Bin Laden family is vast beyond what typical Americans know. Using that type of logic, you might as well call those who enjoy friendship with Ted Kennedy “friends of rapists” becsuse William Kennedy Smith is in the Kennedy family. And the Kennedy family is much smaller.

  5. I have since responded to this thread in the form of a post title comment exchange. I was getting really wordy, and did not want to use those words on a comment.

  6. dmarks says:

    And in this time we have diverted the subject, there’s been a bunch more pirate attacks.

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