Crooks, Thieves, Liars

From all sides. The time has come for change, and that means getting the dirty folk out of Washington be they Democrat, Republican, or Independent. The time for the America people to take action against their elected leaders. These are people who promise to lead us and to put our and our nation’s best interests firt. What a crock of crap, seriously. How is it in my best interests for a Senator to break the law? Whether it is that douche from Alaska Ted Stevens, or Dianne Wilkerson of Massachusetts who was recently indicted on the charge of accepting cash money, somewhere in the ballpark of 23,500 dollars. Not a lot of cash, but not something to shake a stick at either. But the fact remains that she could be dirty, and faces up to 20 years in prison and a possible total of 750,000 dollars in fines.

If she is guilty of taking cash, possibly for bribes, then she should be punished. Just like that felon from Alaska Ted Stevens should be punished. We, as the American people, need to make it clear that we will no longer stand the corruption that runs rampant through our political system. We need to make sure that criminals, from the President to the lowliest Representative, are held accountable for their actions. We can never hope to heal or find real change in this nation if we continue to tolerate this kind of behavior. It sickens me that we have allowed it to go on for so long, and it further sickens me to think that it will continue to happen unless we step up and make our voices heard.


3 comments on “Crooks, Thieves, Liars

  1. dmarks says:

    I’m not a wingtard or blind partisan, otherwise I would have favored the re-election of Stevens. It’s pretty bad that he got even one vote.

    What do you think of the term limit idea?

  2. Term limits are a great idea. I do not think that someone should be able to hold office forever at the House or Senate level when it is not possible at the Presidential level. This entrenched cronyism is part of the reason we are where we are.

  3. dmarks says:

    The latest idea on this that I am toying with is the idea that someone just can’t run for re-election. However, then can run for new election to the same post as many times as they want.

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