Leave those kids alone

So apparently Forbes, for the past two years, has been ranking the popularity of celebrity children. That’s right, not only are these kids going to have a tough enough time because they have celebrity parents and they will be forced to deal with all the baggage that comes with it, but now they are being ranked according to how popular their parents are. This sickens me, and I really don’t want to write abot it, but I am so appalled that I have to voice my opinion. I will, however, just stick to generalities and not mention names. That’s the only way I can reconcile this post with myself.

This whole thing is ridiculous. If these kids had done somtehing, acted or sang or murdered their parents, then I could see them being newsworthy. But the fact is that they are children of celebrities, nothing more. They did nothing special to deserve the attention, except that they happened to be conceived, or adopted, by celebrities so they are somehow deserving of shit-loads of media attention and their own “who’s hottest” lists. And the Forbes list deals with children five years and younger, so it’s not like they can even read or understand what is being said about them. No, this list, and others like it, exists for the sole purpose of makin their parents feel better, and giving people with no life something to talk about in the world of celebrity.

I mean, are our lives so pathetic and meaningless that we have to know what the children of celebrities are doing? Are we so far gone that we would rather pay attention to some famous person’s child than our own. I swear, if half of the attention we give these children celebrities (who are only celebrities because thier parents are famous) were given to our own children we might not have so many fat and depressed kids running around America. But really, who can blame our kids for being fat and depressed when it is clear that we give so much of our attention to other peoples’ kids–kids that we will most likely never meet. After all, it’s not like Forbes has a “the ten smartest kids in America” list, or “Young Achievers” or anything else honoring non-celebrity children. Why? Well for one it’s boring. Who cares that there could be a child genius who will bring about major advances on Alzheimer’s research and maybe find a cure. No one knows who that kid is, if she exists, and no one will becaue we don’t care (as a society) about those things. They are not spectacular enough for us. But hey, the adopted child of one of Hollywood’s hottest couples is big news. Like front page, Forbes list, newsworthy.

It makes me sick and ashamed. All the media is doing when it reports on these children is to establish a culture in which the child will expect special treatment and coverage, though they may not want it, and this expectation and attention will drive them crazy. It was not their fault that they were born to celebrity parents, just like it is not your fault if you are born to a serial killer, they should not be honored or punished for it; rather they should be allowed to live their lives in as normal a way as possible. By normal I mean that they should not be hounded by paprazzi, nor should they have lists devoted to how “hot” they are.


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