Fill My Hole Indeed

Ah Power Girl, you lewd hussy!

This is just too hilarious. I wish I had more of the comic, maybe the part where supes does fill her hole. Oh comics, you have come so far and yet not far at all. Please don’t ever change.


5 comments on “Fill My Hole Indeed

  1. Pdub says:

    What the fuck? thats awesome. This has gotta be shopped

  2. No, I think it’s real. From the time around the infinite crisis stuff. Like just before, or right after, but I’m not so sure.

  3. Pdub says:

    that looks like amanda connor’s art, i bet its from the power girl arc in JSA classified

  4. I think you are right sir, as I remember reading this (or something very close to it) before I left the world of Chico and Comics.

  5. Stanley Lui says:

    The last panel is shopped. I have the issue and that line should be “But I haven’t”.

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