Morrow Out

Now far be it from me to take pleasure in the pain of another because that is just not cool, but I am going to be not cool for a moment and say “hoo-ray!” to the news that Brenden Morrow is out for the season because of an ACL injury. Now, I don’t want Morrow’s career to end, and I do truly hope that he recovers from this injury. It is never cool to see someone get hurt–well almost never–but that does not change the fact that I am happy.

Why so happy? Well, Morrow is the capitan of the Dallas Stars, whom I cannot stand. This hatred for Dallas started before they beat the Sharks in the playoffs last year, but that even just solidified it. I hate Zubov and Morrow and Turco and Ott and Modano. They can all go jump in a frozen lake and stay there for all I care. The fact that Morrow is out is only good news for me and other Sharks fans. After all, he is their leader, and has led them in scoring the past two years, so now that he is out they have a big hole to fill. Granted, the Stars have not been doing great thus far in the season, but there is still plenty of hockey left to play and so they had a chance to make a turn around.

Sure they still have that chance, but this will make it all that much harder. Which is just fine with me.


One comment on “Morrow Out

  1. JH says:

    With Brendan Morrow gone for the season or at least for a long period of time, Dallas is done for in my opinion. It all began with the signing of Avery which is the beginning of the end for the team. Time to blow it up and and start from scratch. my thoughts

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