Shouldn’t they be on the same side?

So four marines are accused of robbing and killing a fellow Marine and his wife. Also, there are allegations that the men raped the woman with some kind of insturment. Jesus this makes me sick. The house where the bodies were found was ransacked and set afire–probably in an attempt to cover the evidence up.

The four servicemen who are charged with the crimes have plead not guilty–what else are they going to say–and have said that they did intend to rob the couple, but when they arrived at the house they found them dead already, and that the wife had been sexually assaulted.

I’ll say it again: this makes me sick. Physically and spiritually. I mean come on, they went to rob a fellow Marine’s house? What the hell? There is no reason for that, I don’t care if one of the suspects is known as “Psycho.” What’s the reasoning that went behind this? Is there any reasoning. These men were supposed to work together, to be able to trust each other with their lives, and yet these four pull something as petty and deranged as going to rob them. And then when that went bad they killed them? Again, I have to ask what the hell.

Now, even if they did not rape the woman and kill the couple, there is still no excuse or reason for this. Who needs the terrorists or any other enemy, when our own people are killing/robbing/raping each other. This happened in the US, but even if it had happened overseas it is still fucking unacceptable. I hope these men are given a fair trial and then sentenced to military prison for life (assuming they are found guilty, and really how could they not be?).

And what does this say of our military? I know they cannot control every man and woman in their service, but it seems like this should be something that is stomped out of our soldiers during basic. I don’t care how much you dislike someone, you don’t go to their house, rob them and kill them. That is just something that YOU DO NOT DO. And it is a good argument for regular psychiatric checks of all soldiers. We need to make sure that they are mentally and emotionally stable. After all, they will be fighting in our name, killing in our name, and it is up to the military (Army, Marines, Navy, Airforce) to ensure that they operate in appropriate ways. One bad apple spoils the bunch, and this is nothing but rotten news for America and her military.


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