Listening and Blogging for the Sharks

To the Sharks play Washington right now, and with about six minutes left in the first period I am extremely happy, The Sharks have a 2-0 lead on 3 shots on goal. Brian Boucher is still in good, which is good because he has been solid as hell lately, and ther is no reason to risk Nabby if he is not 100%. Another god thing about this game is that Mike Grier is back, which just makes me happy regardless of how the game goes.

Marleau and Pavelski have scored goals at this point, and Boucher has weathered a bit of the storm that Washinton put on. And now Setoguichi scored a goal to make it 3-0 with 4:15 left in the first period. And this is something like the Sharks 5th shot of the period. By the way, it’s Devin’s 12th of the season. Just one more testament to how good this team is, and how the opposition has to cover everyone. This is groovy beyond belief. I know/hope they can keep the advantage.

I know it’s too early to think of another Boucher shut-out, but right now that possibility is great cause despite Washington’s pressure the Sharks have been able to weather everything that has come at them so far.

Still, even if Boucher doesn’t get the shut-out, there has to be a major Shark breakdown for them to lose this game. I don’t want to cal it in the first, but things are going so well for the Sharks that I cannot help it.

Setoguchi makes a play on Ovechkin to keep ti 3-0. Thornton is the francise player, as well as Marleau and Cheechoo, but right now it looks like Seto is the next face of the Sharks. He’s young enough that when the others (in five years) are leaving the picture, he will still be there to inspire the young ‘uns.

Boucher still stands strong as the Caps have outshot the Sharks 13-8 thorugh the first period and a half. Go Brian!

Well, there goes the shut-out, as the Caps have made it 3-1. Still, can’t fault Boucher; the Sharks need to start playing some better defense (aside from goaltending cause Boucher has been great this game) and show some more dominance on offense (sure they’re winning, but they haven’t been dominating).

And now the Sharks got it back on the Power Play from Thornton. Vlasic with the assist, ans Setoguichi on the screen so even if he did not have a score sheet affect on the play, he still made it possible for the score. Just one more reason to love Seto; it’s all about the intangibles.

Thornton (I love you man) got called for unsportsmen like conduct on a bogus play. I didn’t see it, but I know you are a stand up guy, and even after the penalty Marleau almost scored short handed. This play resulted in a penalty for Washington thanks to Grier and Marleau, but mostly because of Grier (man I love that gut).

And now Vlasic just scored a goal to make it 5-1, and there’s something to celebrate. Oh, and Cheechoo got an assist on the play to make it even better. Plus, the Shark stepped up their shots to outshoot the Capitols 19-8. Now that’s the San Jose team I’ve come to know and love this season.

5-1, at this point I wish we still had the rookie goaltender, just to give him the experience, and so we could rest Boucher (not that he needs it).

Devin took a penalty early in the 3rd, but that will happen. And now it is 5-2 because of the power play. Again I cannot blame Boucher; the defense needs to play smarter adn harder.

An Now the Sharks lead 6-2 thanks to Dan Boyle and Ryan Clowe.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…but the fact that they can dominate thus far in the season bodes well. If they can maintain this effort all season they will finally make it past the 2nd round in the playoffs.

So Boucher almost got a penalty, but a Sharks defensive man got the penalty instead.

Bur we won anyway, and that is just fine with me.

The best part pf this gmae: Mike Grier scored a goal and Roenick and Blake got the assist. Final score 7-2.


4 comments on “Listening and Blogging for the Sharks

  1. dmarks says:

    Good going Sharks. As long as they make sure to lose to the Wings, I don’t care if they win every other game.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I second the above comment! 😉

  3. Get ready to cry hockey town cause while it will be a hard foought series, the Sharks are finally going to get past the Red Wing specter that has haunted us for so long. It won’t be easy, but it will happen.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Oh I won’t cry if the Wings don’t win it all this year. If I want something to cry about, I look at my hometown Leafs…

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