Poor Silly Students

So I will be one hated teacher next week as I will automatically at least six students for talking during and after the test I gave this week. I let them finish the test (maybe I shouldn’t have), but I explained explicity to them that there was to be no talking during or after the test.

And yet they sat there chatting, even after I glared at them. I understand the urge to talk when a test is finished–I used to be a student too–but I also waited until I was out of the room, especially if the teacher told us that there was no talking. It is quite unfortunate because they take three tests for the term, and they need an average of 60%, which should not be too hard on three tests, but will be quite difficult with just two.

Oh well, it is not like I get paid on the number of students that pass, just how many classes I teach. And maybe this will show them the importance of remaining silent when they are told to. They are studying to be nurses, after all, and in nursing there are times when you can talk and times when you must shut up. A hard lesson learned? Maybe, but it’s not like I didn’t warn them,


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