Grover Norquist

Is a moron. Well, we all probably already knew that, but here is further proof.

Snarky comments welcome.

It’s nice that he’s sticking by his “tax reform morals” that have got us no where, and I think it’s funny that he tries to blame Democrat policies that have yet to take effect, just because “we have finally recognized that those old tax rates are coming back.” What, it took us two almost three years to recognize that those tax hikes were coming back?

Also, I enjoyed his blaming FDR for creating the Great Depression, but does nothing to credit how FDR helped pull the country out of it.

I would also like to note that while Obama has been talking about increasing the tax rate on those that make 250+ a year, he is raising it 3%, and that is on the income that is in exess of 250k. So 01-250k: taxed at the current 36%. 250.01+: the .01 is taxed at 39% and so on, so while it would technically be a tax increase, I do not think that it would be so drastic as to hurt the economy. Of course, I don’t think that Obama will actually raise taxes on those making 250k or more per year, but I would probably be pleasantly surprised if he did.


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