Hockey in the spotlight

But for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, Sean Avery of the Dallas Stars made some rude remarks about ex-girlfriends, and that has garnered him an indefinite suspension. It also provided the NHL to be on YAHOO Sports Featured page. I thought this was nice, cause hey, at least hockey was getting some play, but then I read the article, which wasn’t very informative (it just said that  he got suspended for lewd comments and that the Stars organization supported the League’s decision) and had to wonder what kind of crap this is. I mean, I know he’s a professional and all, but what is the world coming to when one cannot bad-mouth an ex girlfriend (or boyfriend) in front of a nation. I mean it’s not like he used the c-word or anything (and even if he did, so what? words only have the power that we give them). And what he said is nothing more than can be heard in locker rooms around the country: he referred to the dudes boning his ex-girlfriends as having “sloppy seconds.”

Sure, that’s not the sweetest term, but last I checked NHL players weren’t supposed to be sweet.  To me the whole thing is ridiculous. The indefinite suspension seems excessive, unwarranted, and nothing more than a ploy by the NHL to establish itself as a “family friendly sport organization,” but really, can any sport that encourages fighting and blood on the ice be family friendly? But beyond that, to suspend a dude for making off color remarks about his ex? That is just lame. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the Sharks will be better off when they face Dallas without Avery (or maybe they won’t because all Dallas’ fans are blaming him instead of Turco for the Stars’ collapse this season), but last time I checked this was America (sure the comments were made in Calgary) and that means that folks, even douchebag sports players, can say what they want without fear of suspension.

Oh, I’m sure there are contract clauses and behavioral guidelines I am unaware of, but this whole things seem stupid beyond belief to me and nothing more than a way for the NHL to stir controversy. After all, hockey is still not among the top 3 popular sports in America so there has to be some drama to keep the layman interested and possibly create a new audience. Still, I don’t think that starts with suspending a player indefinitely because he said something rude about his ex. I mean, come on NHL, who hasn’t done that before?

(ps. the ex he slammed was Elisha Cuthbert, daughter of Keifer Sutherland on 24, and as we all know, you don’t fuck with Jack Bauer cause he will shove a hot poker up your ass and then roast marshmellows on your dangling scrotum–maybe that’s why the league took such drastic measures against Avery–they don’t want bauer to come and kick their asses from here to kingdom come).


One comment on “Hockey in the spotlight

  1. Adrienne says:

    I think this is just the latest attempt for the league in trying to stop Sean Avery from being a complete asshat, which is already too late really. Avery is in the spotlight at least once a season for doing something completely stupid, or bizarre or for just generally being a dick, so this doesn’t surprise me. I think they’re hoping that if they slap him enough times, he MIGHT learn a little tact…

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