Don’t go out at night.

That was the lesson I learned tonight after three adolescents–probaly around 17 years old–mugged me. The broke my nose, and took my backpack that had my passport, my house key, and my bank card in it, along with my new digital camera. It sucks that the camera was in the bag, and that my nose got busted, but I am most concerned about the passport and the bank card. It is truly a frustrating and stupid thing to have happened–the worst part is that I did not do anything to antagonize them. I was just walking down the street, they asked me if I had a cigarrette, I told them no (cause I didn’t) and then they jumped me. I tried to fight back but was unable to. They tore my bag off me and with blood running down my nose, I dashed into the closest bar. Once there I was rushed into the bathroom where I put a cold compress on my nose. The police were called and they soon showed up. Then I had to talk to them for like half an hour on the street. Then they took me to the station where I had talk with them some more, which was not easy cause their english is bad and my Czech is non-existent.

After the station they took me to the hospital where I had an x-ray. That was when they told me what I already knew: my nose was broke. Then back to the station to answer more questions. They had found my backpack, but no sign of the passport or the camera. Also my room key was in my wallet, and none of my friends are at the dorms where I live this weekend so I cannot go home. That is why I am in my office writing on the internet after this; it was not my first choice, but I knew I could get in here. Now I have to stay awake for 5 more hours because I have to talk to the cops again at 9 in the morning for some reason. I am a little spooked, a little frustrated, and very sore.

Will post updates on the situation as I find out more.


6 comments on “Don’t go out at night.

  1. Pdub says:

    Thats horrible, man. Are you gonna be able to replace all that shit fairly easy?

    • Dunno man, the camera next month, the key card pretty easily, but it’s the passport that I’m worried about. Oh, and they broke my ipod too, and that will not be easy at all to replace.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Oh my goodness! That’s horrible! I hope your nose heals well and that they somehow find the little turds who mugged you!

  3. Randi says:

    Yeah. I hear you on the passport concern. Here’s hoping you’ll land on your feet.

  4. thias says:

    dude. That sucks. I heard about this from kaye. freaking hooligans. They’re everywhere. What we need is a good war or something. freaking urchins. arg

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