Israel and Hamas, the beginnings of world war 3?

Israel has been bombing the hell out of the Gaza Strip recently, and Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel. I have been away from the blog for a bit, but I haven’t been away from the news. I am frightened and sickened by what is happening in Gaza right now, and have just read an article that proves things could get a lot worse real soon. We are quite possibly looking at the beginnings of a big war in the Middle East, a war that could conceivably turn into World War Three because radical Iranian students have asked the government of Iran to allow them to go to Gaza and act as suicide bombers against the Israelis.

This is some scary stuff. The Iranian government has not responded to the students’ request, but that is nothing new because requests like these have come before, and all have been ignored by the government. Still, many radical students are willing to go to Gaza and defend the Palestinian Muslims with their lives. Getting to Gaza could be a problem because Egypt has the border closed with Rafah and Gaza. The students have threatened to over run the border blockade by Thursday if Egypt doesn’t open the border to humanitarian aid and condemn the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

We are talking about suicide bombers, a reported force of more than 10,000 volunteers to go to Gaza and sacrifice their lives in defense of their Palestinian Muslim bretheren. I doubt that they have 10,000 people at the ready–that sounds like propaganda rather than a realistic number–but I do not doubt that they have five thousand or so volunteers right now. Tehran probably will not give the students permission, nor will it forbid them to carry out their acts of agression against Israel. Fanatical Iranian student violent involvment in Gaza will bring things to the point where the West will finally have to make a decision about Iran. If Iranians fight against Israel in Gaza, that will open the door for Western retalitation, which in turn could open the door for all out warfare. This is an unlikely scenario, sure, but no less likely than Israel really stepping up its military attacks on Gaza.

I know that Israel feels the need to defend itself, and rightly so since Hamas and other terrorists were launching sporadic rocket attacks into Israel, and I am not condoning that behavior, but their response now (as always) seems, to me at least, to be extreme. They are launching an effective genocidal campaign against Palestinian civilians and terrorists. Israel’s attacks are indiscriminate, and their government does not seem to care one bit about the damage they are doing to the civilian population. This is reminiscent of the drone air strikes conducted by agents of the US government into Pakistan: it doesn’t seem to matter how many civilians die as long as the terrorists are rooted out. This is reverse terrorism and it has to stop. There has to be another option than just each side blowing the hell out of each other–Israel will win that battle but may end up losing the war, especially if other Muslim nations and groups get involved. The world–thanks to Hamas and Israeli terrorists–is now holding its breath and walking on the edge of a conflict that could easily escalate into something much worse than it already is.

I can only hope that the international community will be able to bring enough pressure to the situation to get the two groups to stop their fighting. I am not holding my breath for this as the international community really has no power or sway over individual nations–just look at how the US has conducted itself the past 5 or so years in spite of international outrage and condemnation of our actions. Or how Iran and North Korea have continued working on their nuclear programs, despite calls from the international community for them to stop. This is a precarious time, and frankly, it scares the shit out of me. I mean, hundreds of people have already tied in the two weeks or so that this has been going on, and there does not appear to be any end in sight to this madness.


6 comments on “Israel and Hamas, the beginnings of world war 3?

  1. Pdub says:

    Good to see you still writing, man.

  2. thanks man, good to see you’re still reading on occasion. I hope to get more posts up soon, but then again I am rather lazy.

  3. Dee says:

    Loss of any life is always unfortunate.I grieve too over the loss of innocent civilians, and esp children. I want to point out that Israeli troops are not intentionally bombing cilivians. The radical Hamas militants hide themselves and mix in with Palestian civilians,thus complicating it for the Israelis to target them exclusively.
    I am outraged however how unfairly the media and news seems to be more sympathetic toward the terroristic, militant Hamas more than Israel, who is simply fighting for what belongs to them, and defending themselves. No one makes a big deal when Hamas fire rockets at them injuring and killing innocent Jews!
    I am sorry but no enemy of Israel or the Hamas has a chance in hell. For you see this is God’s war, and He will defend Israel!If God be for you, then who can be against you? God defend Israel, bless and keep you,and all who love you.Come Lord Jesus come!

    • It is not exactly true that Hamas is not condemned when they fire rockets into Israel. The difference is that Israel responds with a disproportionate amount of force. And I know Hamas members hide among the civilians, but that is still no reason for Israel to bomb those locations. By doing so they are accepting that the deaths of civilians just so they can get the people they are after. Plus the targeting of schools and hospitals (non military targets) in recent days has been intentional. As has been the embargo placed on Gaza that has hurt the inhabitants there, causing them to starve and suffer from malnutrition. Also, Israel and Hamas both had a chance to keep this awful war from happening, but neither side was willing to compromise. As t your point that Israel is just fighting for what belongs to them…the Palestinian people are displaced because of Israel and its creation. The West screwed them over when they created Israel. Israel should have its own territory, as should the Palestinians. Israel has Israel? What do the Palestinians have? Not much. A war ravaged territory that they are allowed to squat on, but as can be seen in the past few weeks, if Israel decides that they no longer want the Palestinians there, they will essentially start a genocidal war to get rid of them. Neither side is right in this war, but Israel gets more flack because they have killed over 700 people (half of them children) in a little over two weeks. Hamas’ rocket attacks rarely kill or injure people. Of course that does not mean that they should be allowed to continue, but that is why Israel is being condemned in the press. And really, saying Israel is defending themselves is like saying America was just defending itself when it invaded Iraq. That is simply not true.

  4. Dee says:

    The west did not create Israel! Israel is an ancient land that was before the west (as you call it,) even came into existence. If you do any study of the Bible, you will see that God gave them this land as their spiritual inheritance, and Arabs, Egyptians and Muslims,and others justwant to take what is rightfully theirs away.They have every right to defend thenselves and to fight terrorists whose aim is to annilate them as a nation. Radical Muslims will declare Jihad and war on anyone who is not Muslim,( Read the Koran) the only way to stop the spread of terror is war. God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

  5. I was speaking not in a religious view because that is not what concerns me here, but rather from the history of the 20th century point of view. The bible is a nice collection of stories, but it is not a history book for me. That’s fine if it is for you Dee, but that does not mean that it is accurate and true, just because it is that way for you. As far as war being the only way to stop terrorism: well, war just creates more pain and death which in turn just creates more terrorists. Israel and the west attack those they see as a threat (or don’t agree with their political/religious views) and to me this is the same as declaring a Jihad. Sure, it’s called something else (defense, war on terror) but it amounts to the same thing: a blind war of ideals. And ideals cannot be stopped. They can not be killed, or drug into the street or imprisoned. Just as Muslims cannot get rid of Christianity or Judaism, we cannot get rid of Arabs or the Islamic religion (and all three of these have their fanatics, it is not just Islam). There has to be another way, but it doesn’t seem like there is because no one has been willing to sit down and try to find one. Maybe there isn’t, but there must be a real attempt made at exploring alternatives before we say there are none.

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