Israel invades Gaza

Israeli ground forces entered Gaza after dark on Sunday and will be there until the job is done. What job is that? Well, apparently they want to occupy the places that Hama has been launshing rockets from. They have said that they are there not to kill civilians, but to stop the rocket attacks. They have about 10,000 troops supported by artillery and helicopters to do the job. This is insanity,

Whether Israel wants it or not, there will be civilian casualites. In an area as small and densly populated as Gaza, so called collateral damage is unavoidable. It was nice of the Israeli government to allow some Palestinians, with foreign passports, in Gaza to flee before the invasion started, but there are still millions of people living there. And how can they be sure that they will secure and occupy all of the spots rockets are fired from? Well, the simple answer is that they can’t. And what happens if they achieve “victory?” Will they stay in those newly occupied territories? Will they withdraw only to have them reoccupied by Hamas or other terrorist elements? If they do stay in the newly taken places, does that mean that they will launch another offesnsive when rockets start striking those places?

This is an unwinnable fight–much like the United States’ War on Terror–that will only make things worse and continue to destabilize the region. When I said that world war 3 was possible in my previous post, I was only being half serious. I did not think that things would escalate this far this fast, but they have and now I have to wonder how long it is before others join the fight. I bet Iranian suicide bombers are already on their way to Gaza, which will just contribute to more violence and death. The whole thing is sickening, as is the reaction from the rest of the world. Some nations, like Egypt, Syria and Lebanon have called for an immediate cease fire, and the UN has been trying to get a handle on the situation, but the fact of the matter is that there is little international outcry against Israel’s actions. Sure, Hamas was firing rockets and I am not advocating that that be allowed to continue, but this is an exceptionally stupid response that will only ensure that the level of hate and violence continues to rise.

It seems like there is very little to be done about it right now–there are few options as both Hamas and Israel have rejected possible cease fire treaties and the world is either unwilling or unable to bring enough pressure to stop this thing before it gets any worse. And worse it will get. Over 400 Palestinians have been killed and over 1,000 have been injured. I bet those numbers double in the next day or two. I am sickened by this and hope (though I know it is a useless and false hope) that the US government will take a stand and condemn Israel for its actions here. We have supported them without question, and it is time for that to stop. If that means we lose a key ally in the Middle East then so be it because with this invasion, Israel has just stoked the flames of terrorism and made things worse for the rest of the world. There is no telling when this insanity will end, but the clear answer is not soon enough.


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