Bush Denied Israel?

So apparently, Bush denied an Israeli request to fly over Iraqi airspace and conduct a bombing raid against the biggest nuclear facility there. At first this seems like good news. It goes against the common thought that Bush is ready for war with Iran, and was just barley unable to make it happen. I mean, what better way to help perpetuate a war with Iran than to let Israel drop some bombs on Iran. I mean that could really get things going, even more than the current war in Gaza is. But Bush said no, and that is a bit of good news. However, it really isn’t great news because it has been reported that Bush denied Israel the right to bomb because he would rater deal with the Iran nuclear problem with clandestine operations which would be used to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program.

And now it becomes clear. BushCo still wants to fight Iran, but like the cowards they are, they do not wnat to do it in an upfront fashion. Instead they would rather resort to secret commando raids that can be denied if exposed. I wonder who would carry out these operations. Would they be military special forces? Or would they be contractors like Blackwater and others. If the operations were carried out by mercenaries, then BushCo would have even more deniablity because they could say that those men/operations had no connection with the US government or its military.

I am glad that Bush denied Israel’s request. I know that a nuclear Iran is a dangerous proposition, but then so is any nuclear armed nation, whether or not they are friends of ours. Sure, with places like Iran and North Korea there might be a slightly larger danger, but I don’t really think so. I think that there is an inflated threat because of the fearmongering going on by the MSM and our government. Don’t get me wrong, North Korea and Iran are led by people that are off their rockers, are dictators, and deserve to be toppled from their ruling positions, but then some would say the same about G W Bush so….

At any rate, Israel was not allowed to bomb the nuclear facility, and the situation with Iran was not aggrevated. Make no mistake, thogh, I think that Bush wants to antogonize Iran. He wants to goad them into a fight through clandestine operations so that we can go to war with them while staying on the “right side.” After all, if Iran takes an act of aggression against the US then we could, without worry, go after them. Kind of like what happened against the Taliban in 2001. Of course, Bush has never really been too concerned with being an agressor or defender (at least that’s how it seems to me) but with the incoming Obama administration he will no longer have the power he has and maybe, just maybe, he did not want to make things even more difficult for Obama and his administration.

I am glad that BushCo is on their way out, and I hope that Obama will take a more rational approach to governing the wars, diplomacy, and the economy among other things. His job is hard, and unlike a lot of his supporters, I understand that he will not be able to CHANGE things overnightt. Hell, he might not even be able to CHANGE things in two terms. What I hope, though, is that he will lay the groundwork for more meaningful CHANGE, and that those who proceed him will be able to use that groundwork and continue to bring about positive change in America. The next for to eight years are going to be interesting. That is, if we live to see them since the Gaza situation just continues to blow up and expand.


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