On a few levels today. The first one that the Sharks lost at home to Calgary last night, in regulation. It was their first regulation loss at home in 11 months, and it is made even worse by the fact that the Flames were the ones to hand it to them. I say it is made worse by this fact because the Flames crushed the Sharks in Calgary not too long ago, and I was hoping that San Jose would get some revenge. I think all Sharks fans, and Calgary haters were. This loss puts the Sharks one point behind the Boston Bruins for the lead league, and only one point in front of the Detroit Redwings, who they face on Saturday.

The Sharks did not play a terrible game last night, but they did take some stupid penalties, which ultimately cost them the game. Can’t dwel on it though, as they have to get ready for the big test that is Detroit, another team that crushed the Sharks recently. I don’t need the boys in teal to stomp the Wings (though that would be nice) but I do want (need) them to win this one to prove that they can be competitive against (read BEAT) the teams they will be facing in the playoffs: both Calgary and Detroit are strong contenders for this.

The second disappointment is more personal. It has to do with my date yesterday. We met at 2, as arranged, and went and had a nice time over coffee. So why the disappointment? Well, during the course of our conversation it came out that she has a boyfriend. I took the news in stride, though it was unwanted, and we continued to have a nice time. I think, somewhere inside, that I knew she had a boyfriend (she’s a pretty girl and I just have a habit of assuming that pretty girls have boyfriends because, well, how could they not?), but I still find it lame. Still, she is a cool person and I wouldn’t mind just being friends with her (I can hear all the When Harry Met Sally Fans saying that is not possible) and I console myself with the fact that while she is not single, she must have other, pretty girl friends who are, so there is still a chance that some good can come of this.

I don’t mean to imply that I am going to be friends with her because I want to get close to the hot friends she might have, I’m not that much of a douche, but I am just trying to find a silver lining. And even if she doesn’t have any pretty, single friends, well it is always nice to be around pretty girls, even if they are unavailable because who knows, they always could become so. Again, not saying that I will hang around waiting for her to break up with the boyfriend, but if it happens and I happen to be around, then that’s cool.

So yeah, while yesterday started out promising–I had a date, the Sharks scored in the first minute of the first period of the game–it ultimatley ended in some disappointment. Nothing I will lose sleep over, and nothing world shattering, but just kind of frustrating I guess. Oh well. Such is life, love, and the pursuit of the Stanley Cup.


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