I am back after a long hiatus. Sorry about that folks, and rest assured that I have plenty to gripe about. This post will not address those gripes, though, as I am tired and worn out from yet another long weekend in Praha.

I will give you this kinda funny anecdote from the weekend though:

I went to a dance club with some friends. I don’t dance, but I drink beer so I still enjoyed myself. We went with a couple of cute Czech girls (that is a redundancy by the way) who were into dancing and drinking beer.

As I stood on the sidelines of the dance floor I said to my friend (presciently it turns out) whenever a girl asks me to dance I say, “I don’t dance unless it’s between the sheets.”

A moment later, one of the girls asked me to dance. I smiled and instantly made myself a liar because I just said, I don’t dance. I left out the between the sheets part, mostly because I was not sure if she would get the reference, I did not want to explain it to her, and I did not want her to think of me as a creep.

Well, finally I had enough beer and she asked me again so I said ok, but I warned her that I can’t dance. She did not care and drug me out onto the dance floor where I preceded to sway back and forth–that’s what dancing means to me. We were trying to talk over the loud ass music and at one point she said “You’re adorable.”  Or she might have said, “You’re horrible.” I wasn’t sure which, but I preferred the former to the latter so I said “So are you.” She smiled, so I guess she did say adorable and not horrible.

Later as we left the club she told me that I was different.

To clarify I asked her good different or bad different. Without hesitation she said “bad,” but then immediately said “good.” I am inclined to think she meant good and that the lateness of the hour (430 am), drunkenness, and the language barrier got in the way for a moment. At any rate, I thought the whole thing was kind of funny, and I am saddened because I did not get her phone number which means that I will probably not see her again.

Still, it was nice to flirt with her, and when she laughed I like to think she was laughing with me and not at me. All in all, I had a good time.


2 comments on “Back

  1. Pdub says:

    Shoulda asked her for her number, man. Are the Czech girls cute or what?

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