Joe the Schmuck Need SEX!

Yeah, so the douchebag plumber is back in the news for some reason. I feel gross just writing about him and helping to keep this ridiculous so called “political career/speaker” alive, but this one was just too much.

In a recent address to a conservative group the moronic ex”Israeli war correspondent”–how long did that last? says that he is horny from all the love in the room. Here is the video:

Now, I don’t have a problem with people being horny, whether they are conservative or liberal, but what gets me is that he makes this statement to a roomful of conservatives and they laugh like it’s no big deal, which it isn’t. Him telling a roomful of elitist, snobbish, prudish folks that he’s horny and getting a laugh from them is fine in my book.

So what’s the problem? Well, and I could just be speaking out of ass here because I have no proof for anything I am about to say (but that doesn’t stop Rush or Joe or Sara or any of those twits on Fox News), but I’m going to go on a little rant anyway.

It seems to me that if the conservative movement really wants to be conservative, and espouse those values to the American citizenry, then they should not laugh at jokes like this. Liberals are horny, remember. We are horny godless people who want everyone to become homosexuals who are addicted to marijuana. Conservatives are here to save us from those evil liberals, and how can they do that if they are openly laughing at dirty jokes.

True Schmucky McSchmuckmuck Plumber Guy is not a politician, but he does seem to have become a spokesperson of sorts for the conservatives and the Republican party, which is asinine in and of itself, but that’s okay with me. I have nothing against conservative values, per se, but I definitely prefer more liberal ones, so if the Cons want to choose this moron to speak for them, that is okay in my book because that just means the conservatism will move closer to liberalism, and maybe we can really start putting this country back together.

It isn’t just the horny remark that kind of angered me–well angered isn’t the right word, I guess stupefied would be better–but the indication that only Conservatives care about working hard to fix the country. He mentions that they are going to have to get up and put in lots of overtime to make this country great again (or something like that. I don’t have a transcript of the tape, and while I’ve watched it twice, I refuse to watch it again). See, says we, which is an inclusive word, but he is addressing a roomful of conservatives, which to me implies that he thinks they are the only ones who care about putting the USA back on the right track. If he has said something like, we as Americans, or all Americans, then I could probably let this slide, and not even have been bothered with this post. But since he didn’t, I got a little riled up.

Also, I have to wonder who he thinks will pay him for that over-time because that sure isn’t a conservative idea. Sure, Cons believe that they should get paid for their work, but if that work cannot get done in 8 hours, too bad, you still have to finish the work, and eat those extra hours. Sorry Joe, you should have been working harder, you shouldn’t have taken that 10 minute break or had lunch.

So again Joe the Douche demonstrates how much of a twit he really is, while shedding further light on the disconnection from the Conservative movement and the general American public, some of whom, of course, are Conservatives, but I would argue that a lot of conservatives will begin to take issue with the amount of speaking time and conservative focus this moron is getting.


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