Is there a Senator of Minnesota yet?

This is just getting ridiculous, and I feel bad for the people of Minnesota because of the long drawn out process of trying to seat a new Senator, whether it is Al Franken or Norm Coleman. I mean seriously, this thing is still going on? The election was in November, and yes it may have been too close to call, and there were cries of voter fraud from both sides. But you know what, it looked like (even then) that Franken had pulled it out. Of  course, Normy either wouldn’t or couldn’t accept that and so many appeals/recounts/and much douchebaggery later the good people of Minnesota still do not have their full representation in Congress.

I can’t believe how stupid and asinine this whole thing has been. Coleman should accept that he lost, move on, and let Franken get to the job of representing the people of Minnesota in the Senate. In a time where politicians constantly talk about doing what is right and good for the country, it is time for some of them to do just that. Not having a full government does not help anyone, except maybe those crazies who want the government to fail, because without a full government, people are going to be left behind. That is not to say that government won’t leave folks behind anyway, but at least with a full Senate we can still operate under the illusion that the government is whole and working toward the common goal of keeping America strong, healthy, and wealthy. I know it does not work like that, but it is nice to dream.

It seems, though, that I am not the only one who wants this mess in Minnesota to be done with. In fact, it appears that many Minnesotaians (Minnesotaites?) themselves want Franken seated, and Coleman to go crawl under whatever rock he came out of. To me what is interesting about this whole mess, aside from how long it has gone on (which is pretty mind boggling when you think that it has almost been six months since the election and they still haven’t resolved the issue) but how much money has been spent on this process. And guess what, it is the Republican guy that is spending most of that money. He is wasting millions of tax payer dollars because he is too proud to admit that he lost, and yet we hear very little about how much money he is wasting. If it were Franken spending all that money, though, you bet your assets (what little of them you have left) that media pundits would be all over the story. But since it’s republican Coleman the condemnation is quieted because the right/republicans need all the help they can get in the House and Senate since they have no majority and are close to powerless.


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