Snakes on a Plane, for real, yo!

Some baby pythons of the non-venemous variety were being transported in a styrofoam container with airholes punched in the top across Australia in a small passenger plane. When the plane landed, it was discovered that four of the buggers had escaped from their makeshift carry-all, and were nowhere to be found. It is not known if the snakes escaped the plane after it landed, or if they just up and disappeared, but one thing is certain: Snake Daddy Yig probably won’t be too happy to know that not only were some of his children put in a box and then taken up in the air, but that four of them were then lost.

Also, he probably won’t be too happy when he hears what the humans did when they discovered that they could not find the snakes on the plane. After searching the small plane and finding no signs of the slithery things, authorities fumigated the plane, just to make sure that those split tongue serpents wouldn’t wreak havoc on any further flights. Thus far, no bodies have been found.

What happened to those snakes? I don’t know. I do know this, however, those involved in this incident best watch out. Yig is patient, cruel, and always gets his revenge, so if those snakes came to any harm because of actions taken by the pilot or airport crew, they had better watch out and get some strong Native American medicine, otherwise they will find themselves, and their offspring turned in half man half snake creatures, kinda like the Snakeman from that movie Dreamscape only not as rubbery and without the pederastic sensibilities. Though I bet Dennis Quaid could still kick their asses.


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