Weird Stuff

So here is a weird/creepy picture.

And here is the article that explains just what the hell this kid is wearing on his head.

For those that don’t want to click on the link, basically the thing is called Pedi-Sedate and it is an Game-Boy attachment used in doctor’s/dentist’s offices to sedate the kids while they play the game. Apparently this makes surgeries and other medical procedures easier, and (I had to read it twice before I was sure of what I was seeing) makes it possible for LESS SKILLED workers to perform important tasks in the surgery. As if it wasn’t scary enought that the kid is getting doped by his Gameboy, but now someone who may or may not have the proper skills/qualifications is going to be involved in an important medical procedure? It seems kind of ass-backwards to me, but hey, I’m not a scientist or a doctor so what do I know?

And some other weirdness The Husband Hunting Bra Ah, the joys of technology and lingerie.