No wonder people dislike cops

A cop in Denver CO allegedly pulled his gun on a McDonald’s drive-thru employee because his order was taking too long. This is insanse to me. The cop was off duty, but he is still a cop and should know that it is unacceptable to behave in this way. The last time I checked (and it has been a while, I admit) the motto of the police is: To Protect and Serve, not to Menace and terrorize.

I want to be clear that I am not disparaging police in general. I am glad they are there, risking their lives to maintain the peace, but that does not mean that they should be allowed to do whatever they want. I am glad this jerk-hole got suspended, and I really hope that he loses his job and faces some jail time (and if not, then at least a major fine) for this incident. There is simply no reason to pull your gun on a fast food worker because the order is taking too long. What, was he thinking, “Oh I know, if I brandish my weapon at this clerk working the window (you know the guy taking the money and pouring the drinks, but not the one actually “cooking” the food) that will speed things up because hey, it’s not like he will have to clean up the feces running down his leg because he just shit himself because I brandished my weapon at him (for the record, I do not know if the worker defecated on himself, but I find the image plausible and funny)?

Oh, and to ice the proverbial cake, the cop sped off without paying for the food. I do not know if he had his order or not, but in any case, this could possibly be considered armed robbery. After all, he orderd food that he did not pay for, and he he used a weapon. I know, I might be reaching here, but hey anything is possible.


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