Palin’s Xbox

Sarah Palin may not be very active in the real world at the moment, or at least she has been out of the spotlight. Her virtual world activity has been plunging ahead. On Friday there was that message on her facebook page speaking about Obama Death Panels of bureaucrats who will stand in the way of you, your doctor, and your treatment. Also, they want to kill sick babies and old people. At least that’s what the message on Palin’s page said.

And then there is the signed Xbox360 (henceforth referred to as box) that made its way to ebay recently. Apparently Palin signed this Xbox and now it is listed with a minimum starting bid of One million dollars. There are a few silly and unclear things about this whole thing. The first one, of course, is did Palin actually play with this box? I mean, who cares if she signed the video game console if she never even used/owned it? This would be like me having Barack Obama sign my suitcase. Sure, he signed it, and that’s kind of cool, I suppose, but does his signature really make it any more valuable? So if Palin did not own/play with/use this box why should anyone care, beyond the fact that it is something signed by her?

This leads me to my next question? How do we know that Palin actually signed it. Sure, there is this picture

that supposedly shows Palin signing the box. But since there are, seemingly, no other pictures, like her holding the box, or her actually shows her with pen in hand and writing on the thing, there is just no way to tell, and one million dollars is a hell of a lot of money to spend on something that has not been certified by an expert as the real thing.

But the most obvious, and important question is: Who would spend one million dollars on a $299 video game console jst because it is signed by Palin? Who is the poster’s target consumer group? Who has one million dollars to spend in this economy? Millionaires, that’s who. I have a hard time believing that anyone with that much money would waste it on an Xbox360. I mean it is not Barry Bonds’ 755 home run, which whether or not you think he was on the roids is a piece of American History, since baseball is, after all, America’s sport. It is not even the game ball from a Superbowl, signed by all the athletes on the winning team. No, it is a piece of plastic, housing wires and circuits. Sure, it is part of American History, in the sense that it is (supposedly) signed by Palin, and that it exists in America, but as of yet, video games have not become an American tradition on the level of football, baseball, or even basketball.

There is no way this box is worth one million dollars in real value, I am sure that there is some super rich Palin lover out there who will waste his money on this box and then watch in horror as its virtual value plummets faster than the number of people working in the United States.

I just hope that if this thing sells that the poster does not then use the money to help Palin’s campaign when she runs for president because then this could become a kind of trend. Create a piece of “memorablia,” sell it for copious amounts of cash, and then use that cash to finance campaigns for the person who signed whatever over-priced pile of junk, and thereby made it “memorabilia.”


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