Who Needs Swine Flu

When the Plague is coming back. That’s right, in a village of 10,000 people in China has been quarantined because the bacteria that causes the bubonic plague has been found there. Bubonic Plague is also known as the Black Death and killed millions of people in the Middle Ages, and when it evolves into its higher form, it can be transferred from human to human by coughing, kissing and exchange of germs. This has the potential to be really scary.
Or would, except that we are lucky because unlike swine flu, the plague is a bacteria, which means it can be treated with antibiotics. Of course it is possible that we don’t have the right antibiotics available right now, but unless the plague has mutated drastically, it should not be too hard to cook up some super penicillin that will knock this thing right out.
It’s still scary, though, to think that the plague has struck China, the world’s most populous nation. If by some terrible and unforeseen chance the plague does get out and is resistant to current treatment, then we could be in trouble as it could spread like wildfire through the population of Asia and other places.
This is a long shot, and I don’t really believe or think that it will suddenly rage out of control and go on a mad killing spree. Still, the possibility, however unlikely, is there, and that is cause enough for a passing concern, and by that I mean watching the news for more stories of the plague in China and waiting to see what will happen.
In the meantime I’m going to have a sandwich because I’m hungry.


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