Another show on HBO that I have been watching is called Hung (I know, two posts in a row about HBO programs, I must have no life) and it is pretty hilarious. It stars Thomas Jayne as a gigolo in Detroit. During the day he is a high school basketball coach, but by night he is a male escort, with a female pimp, and ex wife, and a son and a daughter who happen to be twins.

Ray (Jayne) gets into the escort business when his house burns down and he is forced to live in a tent in his yard. His teenaged kid then go to live with their mother (played by Ann Hesche in a performance that proves she can be crazy and funny at the same time) and her dermatologist husband. Of course, many whacky hijinks ensue when Ray decides to what he does best and charge money for it.

I don’t want to give much away because I think that people should watch this show, so I will just say that the writers do a good job of painting Ray in a sympathetic light without too much sacchrine. This show has surprises and pitfalls, and very little happiness. There is a lot of comedy, to be sure, but it is dark, pessimistic humor. It was only in the latest episode that a little bit of syrup was poured onto this stack of bitter pancakes. When this sweetness showed up, I must admit that I did let out a little groan, but then I decided that it was good that this bit of niceness and happiness was there. The show spends so much time on exploring the crappier things in life, that it was nice to see something go right for Ray for once. The best part about it, though, is that we know it won’t last. Sure, he ended the episode on a high note, but there is always next week, which means there is always a good chance that some new calamity will befall him, and I will be there on Monday to see it. The show airs on Sundays, but since I don’t have HBO and have to watch my television over the internet, I am always a day behind on my television programs, even though I am six hours ahead of the US east coast.


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