True Blood

So I have been watching the HBO series True Blood, and I have to say it isn’t too bad, but I also have to say that it isn’t too good either. For those unfamiliar with the show, a quick rundown is in order.

Vampires exist and they have made their presence known to man, and are attempting to peacefully coexist with humans. They are able to do this because of the synthetic blood substitute from which the show gets its name: True Blood. The story focuses on Sookie Stackhouse, a good southern girl (the series takes place in a small town in Louisiana) who happens to be a psychic and have a vampire for a boyfriend who goes by the name of Bill Compton. Sookie’s power does not allow her to read Bill’s (or any other vampire’s for that matter) thoughts, and it protects her from the Vampire glammer–kind of like hypnosis or suggestion. There are also religious nuts, shapeshifters, and some kind of nature god that feeds on sex and violence. It is an interesting premise to be sure, and sometimes it works, and well at that. Most of the time, though, it just doesn’t work for me.

Sookie is played by Anna Paquin, reprising her terrible Southern accent that she used for Rogue in the X-men movies. I don’t know, maybe it is a good accent (someone seems to think so since she has had at least four jobs now in which she uses it) but it hurts my ears and brain and teeth. It is not like a nails on a chalkboard, but rather like chewing on aluminum foil with a mouth full of fillings. The other actors do better at the accent, but for the most part the acting on the show is terrible. The characters just kind of sit or stand around for a while, engrossed in their everyday trials and tribulations, sometimes shouting at each other, sometimes laughing, but being inevitably uninteresting. And then they have sex.

There is lots and lots and lots of sex and nudity in this show (so it’s not all bad), but that gets boring after a bit, especially when some of the lovemaking scenes take three or four minutes. It’s just becomes uninteresting.

I guess my real problems with the show are the actors and their abilities, the amount of time wasted on “character development” in the form of them arguing among themselves, the boring, heatless and countless sex scenes, among others. It is a watchable show, and I will continue to watch it for lack of anything better to do, but I will also continue to be disappointed at how monotonous and stupid it has become. What once started out as a half-way decent show has deteriorated (had deteriorated in fact by the middle of the first season) to a kind of mockery of itself and its themes, which are nothing new or original (how could they be, though, after all, we’re dealing with moody and glamorous vampires here, something we have seen countless times).


2 comments on “True Blood

  1. francisca says:

    wow thanks to share,i always came to visit ur blog 🙂

  2. ev says:

    Like Dexter, I prefer the show to the books, but lately I’ve been having trouble staying awake through entire episodes…

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