The Best Article on Health Care EVER!

Thanks TheOninon.

Of course, it is not a laughing matter, but the writer does an excellent job of voicing how I feel about the whole health care debate. I may, at a later date, express my opinions further about what the hell is going on in my country of birth, but until then, the above article (link) will have to speak for me, which is fine because I probably could not say it any better.


2 comments on “The Best Article on Health Care EVER!

  1. Two thoughts, first with current insurance if you don’t like a decision by the insurance company you can appeal. If they deny it you can get an independent review. If it is employer sponsored you can often get your employer to intercede on your behalf. If you are not satisfied, you can then take it to the Courts. Then there’s the single payer system, or public option when the Federal Government denies your coverage who are you going to appeal the decision with?
    Second thought, what if health care cost is an unsolvable problem? What if we got the waste out of the system, reduced incomes of health plan CEOs and doctors, provider and plan profits — and we somehow kept them in the business of providing health care — but trend continued rise at 2 to 3 times general inflation because new treatments, procedures and medical advances kept on coming, people lived longer and research to find various cures required larger and larger sums of money…we would be in the same state we are now.
    Maybe, just maybe, market supply and demand is at work here. We have an inelastic demand for health care and and a scarcity of resource so that the cost rises faster than other products and services.
    No amount of health insurance, health care or just health reform is going to solve the cost problem.

    Follow the debate and other healthcare delivery issues at

    • This is definitely spam, or at least a canned response to the health care issue, especially since the comment has nothing to do with the actual post. However, I chose to accept it because…well I’m not sure why, except that it is important to hear multiple view points (as spammy as they may be) even when they are just talking points and of insubstantial content. Or maybe I should have marked it as spam, and since I didn’t that means I am just a weak liberal who wants the country to fail.

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