Bachmann the Hypocrite? No surprise there.

Representative Michelle Bachmann, a right wing strongly religiously convicted woman who opposes the very air that President Obama breathes has come out and said:

“under no certain circumstances will I give the government control over my body and my health care decisions.” I find this hilarious and hypocritical for the same reason. Bachmann, being an extreme right religiost is against Roe v Wade and the government sanction of abortion. In fact, she wants the government to pass laws that prohibit abortion.

That’s right, she wants the government to keep their hands off her body, but she also wants it to mandate that abortion be illegal. It is hypocrisy plain and simple. She doesn’t want the gov to tell her what to do with her body (in terms of health care) but she wants them to tell ALL American women that they cannot have an abortion.

I am not surprised or shocked, just amused. But what gets me is that she is likely to inspire a lot of others like her to shout at the government “keep your (health care) hands off my body, while encouraging lawmakers to make abortion illegal, thereby ensuring that government is in fact putting their hands on a woman’s body, in terms of tying their hands and forcing them to carry the baby to full term.

And there is this choice called life, that she refers to several times in the video above, which is what health care reform will help realize. Reform (meaningful reform anyway) will help realize and perpetuate the choice of life because the more health care we have access to, the more possible it is for us to be healthy, and if we are healthy we are alive, and have chosen life. But again, Bachmann is a hypocrite and wants to deny millions of Americans the right to cheaper and more accessible health care. If it really is about “life and humanity” then she should be rallying behind the health care reform movement, and not fighting it.


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